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Villa Widmann - Borletti

villa_widmann_borlettiThe “Villa Widmann-Borletti” is so vast to be really a palace in the heart of the “Centro Storico” of Bagnoli di Sopra, showing a marvellous façade of monumental dimensions. The Villa was designed by Baldassarre Longhena and built by the Counts Widmann in 1654 over a Benedictine monastery of the 12th Century of which still remain many traces as ceilings, corridors and the ancient wine-cellars. The inside façade overlooks a beautiful garden of the 17th Century, enriched by lemon trees and edges made to give a cornice to the garden itself and to create a living theatre where we can find over 60 statues sculptured in 1742 by Antonio Bonazza.


There are two theatres, one in the garden and the other inside the villa; they gave the opportunity to artists, poets, musicians and especially comedians of the “Commedia dell'Arte” to meet and perform shows: the famous Venetian play-writer Carlo Goldoni passed many summer vacations in Bagnoli guest of the Widmann family. Fifty acres of land, enclosed by a wall, made in the time of the Benedictines, form a “Clos”, called by the Venetians “Brolo”; they include a marvellous avenue, bordered by “Lombard Poplars”, leading to a pond where nest many species of herons and other aquatic birds; there is also an ancient ice-house, a collection of over thirty “pre-fillossera” (the terrible disease that destroyed most of the vineyards in the end of the 19th Century) local vines and a woody area dedicated to the production of “Truffles”. The different spaces of the Bagnoli complex can host theatre representations, concerts, opera and art exhibitions: for this purpose are being restored sites for an increased offer that it will include, starting from summer 2005, a restaurant, a wine bar and a charming “Bed and Breakfast”. The “Dominio di Bagnoli”, for more than a thousand years, managed a vast agricultural property with over three thousand acres of land and one hundred and fifty acres of vineyards. In the ancient Benedictine cellars, wine is still made, using only the grape production of the “Dominio”: these are the famous “Bagnoli” D.O.C. wines as the “Friularo”, a very ancient wine that can be found only in Bagnoli since the 16th Century. In the cellars can be organised wine, Grappa and Brandy tasting together with other farm products, mostly from “Organic Farming” such as Carnaroli Rice, Polenta, Grape Seed Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Accesso Disabili Visite Guidate parking si_accettano_animali_domestici giardino escursioni vendita_prodotti_propri piscina enoteca Sala Riunioni. Numero sale: 5. Capienza: 230 persone. Capienza sala più grande: 100 persone.


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Piazza Marconi, n° 63 - 35023 Bagnoli di Sopra (PD)

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