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Villa Franceschi epitomises all of the essential stylistic and historical characteristics of the villas around Brenta – a seventeenth century villa in a green and tranquil meander of the river which contrasts it’s rich façade, stone balcony and gable, as stated by Sansovino, facing the waterway to show-off to those passing in the boats, the true opulence of the villa, the park, the entrance and the boathouse which served as the resting place for boats, carriages and country tools.

Knowing how to transform this Palladian gem into a luxury hotel has been quite a feat which required all of the enthusiasm and passion of Remigio Dal Corso, his wife Valeria and their two sons, Alessandro and Dario.

The Dal Corso family, always on the Riviera, is now in its third generation and it’s become clear that hospitality is in their blood.

With the constant love and dedication of the Dal Corso family, they have ‘completed’ the task of restoring and conserving Villa Franceschi. The house has maintained the structure of the central body, so much so that the two grand halls on the first and second floor have been retained paved with the original flooring and joined to which are four junior suites per floor plus a lovely suite with Jacuzzi.

The ceilings with the original wooden beams, the antique marble fireplaces, the terracotta floors and the splendid Rezzonico chandeliers of these rooms acquire different ‘personalities’ depending on the furnishings, beautiful combinations of colours, the curtains and silk fabrics that adorn them.

Positioned on the two main floors of the villa’s main building nestled between the romantic atmosphere of the barn and the the old boathouse, the suites and rooms at Villa Franceschipresent an extremely charming atmosphere. Offering marble fireplaces, ceilings with exposed wooden beams and terracotta floors, the rooms evoke a typically Venetian feel. This Venetian workmanship is embellished by rich curtains and silk fabrics produced by the best craftsmen of Venice.

The rooms and suites of the Villa Franceschi are accessed through the grand halls of the residence overlooking the romantic park and the placid waters of the Venice Riviera

Thanks to the care and passion of the Dal Corso family, a trip to Villa Franceschi is one saturated with an experience of tradition and love for our area, where you can spend a romantic and unforgettable stay, away from the daily routine and fast low-cost accommodation which is always the same.

At Hotel Villa Franceschi it is also a journey in the footsteps of the great personalities of the past, such as Gabriele d'Annunzio and Ernest Hemingway, who took refuge here for their amorous encounters.


We recommend the raw spider crab with white asparagus from Giare, the shrimp with the ‘castraure’ (red artichoke) straight from the island of Sant’Erasmo, a blending of local produce of land and sea, followed by Tagliatelle with giant mussels and basil – simple flavours in balance and harmony. Immersed in a classic and elegant environment the guest is left to their own enjoyment.

Crafted by the Chefs GianlucaVulcano and Umberto Giraldo, the refined cuisine follows the authentic gastronomic tradition of Veneto and contains only the finest and freshest ingredients skilfully combined to produce fantastic dishes

Veneto is one of the principal wine producing regions of Italy, and is still drunk, together with typical products and dishes of the traditional cuisine, largely by the region.The vines, which make both the white and red wines, are grown in the flat areas rich in waterways, and also on the range of hills. The most renowned wines are produced in the province of Verona, with the Bardolino, and the Soave, considered by many to be the quintessential Italian whites, and the Valpolicella D.O.C is an excellent red with the guaranteed authenticity of origin

Learn to produce a triumph of colours with the ‘Adriatic Catalana’ and the fried Moeche with polenta – a true dish of the lagoon region to be tried at least once.

Villa Franceschi organises wine tastings and cooking lessons. Contact us for more information at Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.

Villa Franceschi is the ideal place to celebrate your special day in an aristorcratic setting, in a world of elegance and intimacy, close to the enchanting Venice Riviera and the Palladian Villas that adorn its waters

Follow in the footsteps of Venetian nobles, poets and writers like D’Annunzio and Hemingway who used to take refuge in the ambiance of the Palladian villas and came to indulge in lovers meetings.

The two large living rooms passing through the house, the traditional kitchen and refined cuisine of our restaurant, the attentive and personal service and the romantic position between the green countryside and the historic river of the Venice Riviera, allow you to experience to the full the emotion of your special day and begin in the best way possible this new chapter in your lives.

The rooms and suites available in Villa Franceschi are divided between the aristocratic environment of the villa, and the more rustic feel of the boathouse. The boathouse was the old store for the boats and equipment and also the servants’ quarters, now converted into a charming guest house surrounded by greenery. Utilising the rustic terracotta and wooden features, the renovation has harmonised these rustic features with rich fabrics, antique fittings and handcrafted furniture. The ground floor of the boathouse also houses an atrium reception area with a bar and welcoming lounge.

VILLA FRANCESCHI Via Don Minzoni, n° 28 - 30034 Mira Tel. +39 041 4266531 fax. +39 041 5608996 Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


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