To become a Member in order to enter in our Group they are necessary and determining the following requirements:

1. To be owners or managers of one certificated historical venue or with architectonic, artistic and historical characteristics similar to the definition of  “historical venue”;
 2. To belong to the territory of the Serenissima Republic, in the period of its maximum extension and, however, within the borders of the European Community
3. To carry out at least one of the following tourist activities: hotel and extrahotel hospitality, congressional centre, refreshement, agricultural and/or wine company, location for cultural activities, guided and museal visits, location for weddings and recurrences;
4. To offer services of high and certificated quality, established according to an average evaluation of the structures of the Group;
 5. To respect the Financial Rules that, for 2009, is in this way defined: una tamtum to enter the Association: Euro 550,00; a fixed annual fee for Congressional Centres and Restaurants: Euro 1,550, 00; a fixed annual fee for the structures with hotel receptivity: Euro 2,600, 00.
6. To join for two consecutive years to the association for promotional reasons.
7. The Agencies that wish to join the Association (Commune, Consorzi, APT, other associations, etc…) will have to make a regular request. This will be weight up by the Directive Council of the Association, that will establish the flee adhesion from time to time, based on the interest of the Agency, the type of collaboration to establish and other elements that will be defined in the specific occasion.

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