The castle of Cassacco was built on the remains of late-Roman foundations; it belonged to the lords of Montegnacco, then it became a fief first of the della Torre family and then it was transferred in 1338 to the Savorgnan della Bandiera by Patriarch Bertrando, in 1466 it was sold to the lords of Montegnacco and was their property until 1947. The southern tower and the ground floor built on the late-Roman foundations still remain from the medieval period. In 1480 the castle was renovated to give it the current symmetrical aspect of that period. In the XVI century, two adorned Roman high-reliefs that had only just been renovated were moved from Aquileia and placed on the north side of the wall along the moat.

The renowned castle of Colloredo di Monte Albano that was damaged by the 1976 earthquake will be completely renovated. It is the most imposing and representative castle in Friuli. The clock tower and the most relevant central building are part of a more complex series of buildings. It was erected by the Mels family in the early XIV century. A descendent of one of the families of Colloredo was, in fact, Ippolito Nievo, who wrote “Confessioni di un italiano” (Confessions of an Italian) Although the manor-house has many rooms only one was a small study frescoed and decorated by Giovanni da Udine and partly recovered. Now the detached and restored frescoes are under the care of the Superintendence awaiting to be located in the right place.

In Tricesimo the owners of the castle were first the Prampero family (1521), then the Montegnaccos and finally the noble Valentinis family (1627), respectively. A crenellated wall is delimited by two towers, one crenellated with small arches, while the other was restructured in the 1800s.



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