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Private residence of the Deciani Counts, the Villa belongs to the Family since the end of the 19th Century, after the actual owner's grandfather' wedding with the last heir of the Counts Gallici, who bought the property, which has probably been built over the ruins of a pre- existing construction (Castle) at the end of the 17 th Century.

The Gallici Family, originally from Bergamo (Lombardia), moved to Friuli in the late 17 th Century to establish a flourishing activity in advanced agriculture and a printing enterprise in Udine .

Deciani is an ancient local family, whose origins date back to the 14 th Century, and among their most famous ancestors is the well-known Jurisconsult Tiberio Deciani, who lived during the 16 th Century and whose texts about penal law are still used in the Italian Universities.

During the 18th Century the Villa has been entirely decorated with most valuable stuccos and frescoes in delicate shades of colours and elegantly furnished. To the same époque belong the fine pavements made of “Terrazzo Veneziano” (mosaic).

After being damaged and restored after the First Word War, it has been used as a summer residence until the beginning of the Second World War, when it has been occupied first by the German troops and then by the allies

After the damages to the insides and to the furniture, suffered after the military occupation, followed the wounds given to the structures by a massive earthquake, which devastated the region during year 1976 and made the house practically out of use. Immediately after the earthquake the Villa's structure has been made solid, and it has been renovated and revitalized by the actual owners whom moved to live in there in year 1987 and began – by themselves- a strong intervention of renovation and reconstruction in order to make of it their permanent residence. Since then, it has been decided to open part of the building and of the park to the public and to guest receptions and different kind of events inside the Villa, activity which has been successfully conducted since more than fifteen years.


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