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The Villa, which was constructed in the second half of the 17th century for the Lovaria Family whose descendents still live there, represents a typical example of architecture which fuses together the model of a country house in Friuli with that of a noble Venetian Villa, endorsed by a strong linear style and an extensive panorama. The central tympanum, upon which there is the fresco of the noble coat of arms, crowned by three ornamental pinnacles and held up by pilaster strips on high pedestals, appears to have been added on in the second decade of the 19th century, when the neoclassical decorative ornamentation of the interior was carried out for the occasion of the wedding of a Spanish relative of the Friuli branch of the Lovaria Family

The stone staircase with landings in square terra cotta tiles, the stone paved floors in the kitchen and the general rustic atmosphere all bear testimony to the 17th century origin of the residence. The flooring of the Venetian terrace and the decorated briarroot doors with wooden frames of artificial marble date back to its 18th century restyling.

The Villa is situated in Pavia di Udine, some meters from the centre of the village. The main façade of the villa is characterised by three sequences of windows overlooking the street, corresponding to the same number of floors, which open onto the front courtyard surrounded by a low stone wall draped with a century old wisteria, over which dominates an undisputedly majestic, ancient plane tree (circa 300 years – trunk circumference 6.5 metres – 25 metres high), with its gigantic trunk and impressionable, robust branches some of which are practically horizontal and fan out at a rather low height. This tree is listed among the monumental trees of Italy and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

The “Residenza Villa Lovaria”, managed directly by the members of the Lovaria Family who have been the sole owners of the residence since its construction in the middle of the 17th century, offers banqueting facilities and accommodation for guests in five apartments of a four-star rating (the maximum classification).

The apartments were carefully designed, respecting the former agricultural activity of the Villa Lovaria.

The re-styling of the Villa has rendered it even more prestigious, while at the same time leaving intact the original architectural characteristics of the building which represent a typical example of how the model of a country house in Friuli has been enriched, harmonising with that of a noble Venetian Villa, following the evolution and growth of the social and economic position of the Lovaria Family.

This residence is open to the public, offering banqueting facilities and guest accommodation. The re-styling was completed in the spring of 2004 in keeping with its original agricultural concern. The villa is one of the few noble residences to be still inhabited by the same family who commissioned its construction over three hundred and fifty years ago (The Earls of Lovaria).

The accommodation side of the business is further linked with the other activities of the Lovaria Family in the sector of vine growing, including the production, sampling and direct sales of quality wines and public catering, which together complete the services offered to the guests.

The Villa is situated just a few metres from the main square of Pavia di Udine. It is a short distance from Udine (9 km), the motorway exit of Udine Sud (8 km) and the international airport of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the province of Gorizia (35 km). This choice position makes it easily accessible to everyone both from Italy and abroad.

The central position of the Villa makes it an ideal starting point from which to visit the whole region, especially Friuli and makes it possible to combine a historical artistic and wine-gastronomical itinerary with cultural events and possible work commitments, in a border area which is a meeting point for and an interesting combination of the traditional Latin, Germanic and Slavic cultures.

Immersed in the peaceful Friuli countryside, the entire residential complex, surrounded by an enormous park with age-old trees and enriched by greenhouses, is subject to law (n. 1089), that came into effect 1st June, 1939 under the direction of the Ministry of Culture and Environment which placed restrictions to safeguard the historical and artistic interests of the area.

The restyling of the residential complex, completed in the spring of 2004, involved the renovation of the outlying buildings which were once dedicated to the business of agricultural. The ground floor housed the stables and the “ folador” a large room for pressing grapes, while on the first floor there was the granary and hay loft.
The resulting restyling safeguarded the original architectural characteristics of the entire building representing a typical example of an ancestral country house enriched by and harmonising with that of a noble Venetian Villa, following the evolution and growth of the social and economic position of the Lovaria Family. On the first floor of the north wing there are five furnished guest apartments housing a maximum of twelve people:

Four 35 square metre apartments: each one comprising a single room subdivided into a night area with double sleeping accommodation, a bathroom and access area to bathroom and a daytime area with kitchenette and dining room.

One 60 sq. m. apartment: with two double rooms plus a living room with kitchenette and dining area and a bathroom with access area to bathroom.

Each room has a window ensuring natural ventilation and lighting plus there are velux type skylights which were installed in the original ceiling of chestnut beams and laths of terra cotta. Each of the five apartments are centrally heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer and have satellite television and telephones with internet connection.
These accommodation facilities also conform to the legal requirements for the access and comfort of disabled persons.

The quality interior decorations along with the facilities and equipment necessitated by the services offered add a refined finishing touch in keeping with the rustic, yet elegant, characteristics of the building. The Civil authorities have, therefore, awarded the Villa Lovaria a maximum four-star classification under the regional regulations.

There is direct access, for patrons only, to the Villa Lovaria Residence from via Udine along a wheelwright passageway. This leads to a large internal courtyard where covered parking exists for residents and from which the guests may enter the reception area.

Leading from the courtyard there is a huge private park overlooking the back of the main complex of the ancestral villa where you can enjoy a pleasant, restful walk. The grounds, immersed in the neighbouring countryside are surrounded by age-old trees among which a majestic Lebanese cedar (circumference 5.20 m. and 28 m in height) stands out.

The restaurant with the insignia "La Tana del Lupo", is situated a few hundred metres from the Villa Lovaria, at the beginning of a private country road with two age-old cypress trees marking its access. This country road leads to the vineyards of the Lovaria farm.

The building which houses the restaurant is a typical example of an ancient farmhouse in Friuli. It, too, has been restyled safeguarding the original structural characteristics and rural style including old wooden lofts, a beautiful Friuli “fogolar” or fire-place and shelter for the animals. The overall atmosphere appears to be pleasantly simple and homely, yet at the same time very refined.

Filippo and Marco, along with their staff, run the restaurant. They are masters, with their friendly personalitiers, at giving their guests a warm welcome. Moreover, their efficiency, skill and professionalism assures a pleasurable and relaxing meal, with intense moments of gastronomic delight through the sampling of fine wines and exquisitely prepared food.

A group of musicians entertain the guests with songs from the 60’s and 70’s every Wednesday evening

The three inner rooms with the addition of the typical Friuli “fogolar” for intimacy and privacy of conversation can seat up to one hundred and twenty people. In the summer season the equivalent number of seats can be placed out in the open air, inside a modern gazebo, in order to shelter the guests from the discomfort of a summer thunderstorm. It is the perfect solution for organizing group get-togethers, and for celebrating for example, first communions, birthdays, weddings, company dinners, etc.

The menu proposed blends perfectly with the rural style of the surroundings and typical Friuli dishes, and this is accompanied by some specialities of the house like the fantastic “spiedoni”- fifty centimetres of meat from various species of animals, cooked on a spit on lava rock. Desserts of refined confectionery, works of art created by pastry chef, Marco, provide the finishing touches to the meal.

The wines are classic Friuli wines produced by the Conti Lovaria winery whose vineyards extend from the back of the restaurant to practically brush against the houses on the outskirts of the village of Lovaria, making this an ideal venue for a relaxing stroll or bicycle ride to discover the farmlands and the surrounding countryside.

Conti Lovaria winery, in line with the wine industry vocation of Friuli, and their own family tradition, have completed a project to increase the cultivation of vines on their own estate with a land surface of 22 hectares of vineyards.

The vineyards, all grouped together on one piece of land, extend from the back of the restaurant to practically rub noses with the built up area of Lovaria. A private country road with two age old cypress trees marking the entrance, crosses the vineyards making it a pleasant place for a relaxing walk or bicycle ride.

The road is perfectly straight for over a kilometre, crossing the entire piece of land skirting the vineyards and offering a striking perspective of the surrounding view, framed on the horizon by a first view of the peaks of the Carniche and Giulie Alps, on which dominates the summit of Mount Canin (2587 mt).

The level, prevalently clayey ground, favours the production of excellent cultivated red grapes, for example, merlot, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. Part of the grapes are made into wine giving birth to red and white table wines whose organoleptic and sensory characteristics express the quality of perfect harmony among land, climate, vineyard and wine-making technology, guaranteed by the production process in the Lovaria winery.

Theses wines are exclusively supplied to the wine cellars of the “La Tana del Lupo”, as they are perfectly adaptable to the homely and wholesome style of the restaurant as well as to the menu offered. Moreover, they can be tasted and bought at the licensed shop of the winery, situated just close to the Residenza Villa Lovaria.

There is a reproduction of the original map of the agricultural estate owned by the Lovaria family on display in the entrance hall of the restaurant and this documents the cultivation of the vines already present on the same land since the beginning of 1700.

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