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The villa stands on a hill to the north of Buttrio. The property is limited by a tall boundary wall with crenellations. The building is reached from the north, where the secondary façade can be seen, which has been drastically changed over the years. The main southern façade dominates a large park that is reached down a double flight of brick steps (there is also a niche with a mosaic dated after the war, and a small stone altar). A stone paved avenue flanked by palm trees crosses the park towards the south through to the confines of the property.

The project for the park with 55 different species of trees, including exotic ones, was by Giuseppe Rho and dates back to the middle of the 19th century. It is romantic style and uses several Roman remains coming from Aquileia, which were collected at the end of 1800 by Count Francesco di Toppo from his lands, and were recently catalogued by the Fine Arts Council in Trieste. Some stone heraldic shields and two medieval well kerbs are walled into the façade.

The Toppo family had the villa built in the first half of 1700 on top of a previous building; at the end of 1800 it passed onto the Florio family, who kept it until 1947 when it was granted to the State. In 1952 it became a Friuli College for mutilated children, and later became a school. The Regional Council then became the owners and finally, in 1999, the Buttrio Municipality.
The building has undergone various alterations, some back in 1800 but the majority of the more extensive ones were made due to the various changes in use over the last century.
The main three-storey building is rectangular. The main south façade is the centre section jutting out with respect to the side wings, and is surmounted by a decorated tympanum standing on four columns with Corinthian capitals. The ground floor is underlined by ashlar bands that large square windows open onto. In the centre of the piano nobile, a curved French door is surmounted by a tympanum ornated with the Di Toppo coat of arms. Some stone remains are fitted in the walls of the side wings.

None of the interiors have been conserved because it was completely changed when it became a college, however there is an interesting stone stairway with an elegant cast iron parapet and brass handrail.

Today the villa is the seat of the Regional Exhibition of Buttrio Wines, and used for events and shows. It is also the Museum of the Wine Civilisation, dedicated to the production of wine. Recently the SPAC (Space for contemporary art) was inaugurated, which is run by the Local Council, with exhibitions of young artists.

Museum: saturday 16.00-18.00 and to book for extra time visits. Open even during events or exhibitions.


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