The impressive forms of Villa Giacomelli stand in the heart of Pradamano, in front of the square that the church overlooks.

The building extends lengthways for 90 meters, with shape and size that are typical of Veneto villas. The entrance is through two curved doors which separate the main block from the side wings of the barchessas and when enter you have no idea that beyond the compact façade to the rear of the villa there is a romantic English park, studded with centuries old trees and caves, which was designed by Giuseppe Rho. In the past there were oriental style temples and pavilions in the park, and it has open lawns alternated with woody areas and luxuriant shrubs, and was partly damaged and destroyed during the two wars.

The complex was originally designed by the Udine architect Andrea Scala in 1852 for Carlo Giacomelli, whose family moved to Udine from Tolmezzo in 1800 after making their fortune in trade and weaving.

The villa was a country residence with a central three-storey building as the home and two smaller side wings which were used as farm buildings. The straight façade that overlooks the village has a tall delicate ashlar base that the thermal openings stand on and two rows of curved windows, while the façade overlooking the park is embellished by a long bas-relief with rural scenes and is much more articulated. The central section juts out with respect to the barchessas and the reception hall inside has a double height and projects towards the garden. The unity of the building is given by the baroque style cornices and horizontal bands that run along it and join the forms of the barchessas with the curved windows on the master building.

It is square in layout and on the ground floor develops around a central independent stairway, covered with pink marble and stuccowork and lit by a lantern in the belvedere in the ceiling; it leads to the upstairs rooms, which also include the Library. Beyond that is the sumptuous Statue Hall which is decorated like the stairway with statues in the niche by Vincenzo Luccardi; the minor rooms are placed around the central hall. Lively frescoes by Giuseppe Malignani, canvases by Ippolito Caffi, a collection of canvases with the Giacomelli ancestors and refined wood floors embellish the interiors.

Part of the villa is used as the family residence and it also is the head office of the family farm company, and weddings and congresses are held in the airy lemon-house in the west wing and other halls inside.

Restaurant & riding school.

Open to the public: On booking (only west part of annexes can be visited) € 5,00


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