This is a typically Friulian noble country house, which is part of the estate owned by the de Puppi family since the 15th century, around an original building which still exists, and includes the gently sloping "bassi" of Villanova, a wide open agricultural plain that is still intact; with the Julian Alps in the background, and the Colli Orientali, the Collio and the Carso close by. The building, which is accessed by a courtyard with traditional mulberry trees, some of which are centuries old, and other trees, is of particular architectural interest.

From the double staircase, skylight, and other openings facing the countryside behind the house, you can enjoy a unique pristine panoramic view, a virtual backdrop of the past.  The same aesthetic emotion can be felt from the vast back meadow and the central avenue, which runs from the “two stones” through the fields.  On a particular spot ( F14 N° 79), on the 20th of July 1267 the Count of Gorizia put the Patriarch of Aquileia in chains. For this reason, the spot was deconsecrated and excluded from those on which the “quartese”, a tax due to the parish of Villanova, was once paid. 

The estate comprises of five exposed stone buildings dating back to the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries; and together the owner's house, the farm, and the agritourism guest accommodation are harmoniously laid out.

There have been frequent national and international photographic shoots and journalistic articles; specialising in restructuring, architecture and the environment; which have focused on the Villanova property.

The villa was initially the property of the Prampero family, then it was inherited by the Trento family and then again it was inherited by the Beria family and is currently owned by Carlo de Carvalho Beria following the adoption by Elena, the last descendant of the main branch of the Piedmontese Beria di Sale e d'Argentina.

The building, which is in the centre of the village of Manzano, is located in the middle of a large park and has its original stone walls; it is a typical Friulian country house, and not for this is it any less grand nor does it lack its own particular atmosphere.

At the base of the delightful Colle di Montuzza, where, amongst the majestic cypress trees, excellent vineyards, fruit trees and woodland, it stands out in a marvellous position, with the panoramic hunting lodge at its feet , next to the farmyard where two rustic buildings remain, the main villa rises up with its two wings, which today are separated from the main building following a fire. In fact, the part of the house that was burnt was never rebuilt however a façade was remodelled with a lovely balcony and a delightful garden was created within the destroyed walls.


Available to guests: three independent vacation homes in an ancient complex that faces a vast green meadow, and lie in the open countryside. In the background the Colli Orientali, the Collio and the Julian Alps form a stunning panorama that can be enjoyed from the beautiful swimming pool (13m x 6m).

The houses, furnished with period furniture, are supplied with linen (for the bedroom and bathroom)*, dishes for the kitchen and everything necessary for meals. There is also a dishwasher, a washing machine and tools for the garden and pool. Upon request a personal trainer is available to lead individual or group exercise, on the meadow and in the pool.

The family

In the name of owner Carlo de Carvalho de Moraes de Puppi Beria di Sale e d'Argentina the traditions of three families converge: those of his Portuguese father, his Friulian mother and those of a third, Piedmontese, line.

His Father, Rodolfo de Carvalho de Moraes, descendant of a historic Portuguese family, was a cavalry officer and captain of the military polo team - a sport that crowned his career with innumerable successes. His mother, Agnese de Puppi, was also descended from an ancient Friulian family of Tuscan origin and her surname was passed down to her male children due to adoption by her brother, Raimondo. The third surname, Beria di Sale e d'Argentina, was acquired by the owner following its adoption by Elena, the last descendant of the main branch of the Piedmontese Beria di Sale e d'Argentina family.

It was in 1972 that Carlo, a lover of the countryside and of his own Friulian traditions, returned to Villanova del Judrio and began the restoration of the ancient homestead of his mother’s farm. Here he gave vent to the great passion that has been with him since childhood – the house, from the architecture to the furnishings, from the very foundations to a table sumptuously decked with flowers in vases and lit candles! Everything relating to the construction or the restoration of a building has always held a magical attraction that engages him to this day. So, back in 1994, he renewed his enthusiasm in the restoration of the building complex of Villa Beria in Manzano: initially with the restoration of the agricultural outbuildings and then the cellar, all according to the dictates of modern technology but respecting the ancient structures, and subsequently the Manor House, the Hunting Lodge on top of Montuzza Hill, used for historic house “holiday-stays”, and finally the Casa delle Mura in the parkland.

Now other buildings need his attention…. the fever, the so-called “stone mania” could break out, for Carlo, from one moment to the next, and the results will always be exciting for him.


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