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The blazon of the Albertini is very old and it is one of those rare family crests that retains elements of the real “magic”.

Why wings? Is the fascinating attribute that distinguishes the function of mediators between God and the world: the angels have acted as messengers, watchmen, drivers of stars, performers laws, protectors of the elect. In the Italian tradition, these symbols represented attributes of a spiritual kind

“The angel, the creature in whom has already effected the transformation of the visible into the invisible in which we tend.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

…For 400 years, a magnificent green spot on the shores of Lake Garda is cared with love and inspire in people who live there the authentic serenity and sweetness of lost time. Anyone perceives it and is struck by it. It’s the Relais Corte Paradiso … where to take a real vacation and find yourself. 15 charming apartments and 2 Villas, Colombara and Villa delle Rose . Every apartment has different characteristics and furnishings, with antique furniture pieces and ancient prints and paintings, so as to give the feeling of being in one’s own house. All surrounded by a park with garden corners in which to retreat, a swimming pool, and the gorgeous Villa Paradiso.

Those who discover the “Paradise”, finds himself.

Just a step to the Relais you’ll find the 18 hole’s Golf Court Paradiso del Garda, a course of modern conception designed by Jim Fazio. Besides the Golf, the center is composed by  “the Paradisetto,” which houses a very beautiful sports center with 4 holes for the academy, driving range, putting green, soccer and five-a-side soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, beach volley, a semi-olympic swimming pool and a children’s swimming pool, restaurants and meeting room.Thanks to its location on Lake Garda the Relais is optimal for both the confidentiality of the place for the immediate proximity to the city of Verona, to amusement parks, golf courses, the thermal parks and numerous tourist and cultural attractions in the area.

The written Albertini date back to around the year 1000. Among the ancestors, people who have done a long part in the history of Italy.

Counts of Prato since 1003, Bishops in Florence in 1129, Knights Crusaders in the Holy Land, Cardinals in 1250, people trust the emperors Charles IV and Charles V but also of the Papacy. With the change Renaissance cultural arts thrive as well as the production of taste, with new fabrics, colors and styles, more and more refined. The Albertini sense the fashion that goes to paint the everyday life of the future Italian company in 1600 and became renowned traders of textiles in Prato.

In 1714 they moved to Verona and bought 12 villas with numerous farms in Garda, Cavalcaselle, Arcè of Pescantina, Valverde di Borgo Venezia, Arbizzano and Peschiera. During the last war Peschiera a crossroads of streams and military bombings, but the Villa was never affected, nor occupied: it is instead inhabited by Count of around 70 people divided into 17 families who lovingly care for Paradiso. In 1966 the Count Giuseppe degli Albertini moved there with his wife and since 2000 Villa Paradiso becomes the temple of the family.

The Church of the Angels

Where sacred functions, commemorations and spiritual retreats can take place.


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