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The Camozzini Building is situated in the heart of the historic centre of Verona, a short distance from Piazza Erbe (Erbe Square).

The building’s fine rooms are unique and make the ideal settings for any event: Private events, receptions, weddings, gala evenings with dinner, presentations, meetings, conventions, important work lunches, as a publicity and photographic set and for cultural events.

The striking backdrop of this residence is the perfect location for your event to share with friends and relatives.

The Camozzini Building is located near the old Roman Cardus road, which dates back to Roman Verona in 1st century AD. Nowadays in the building’s basement the typical large stone blocks from Roman construction can still be seen.

These blocks were often reutilized during medieval construction, and the remains of a medieval open porch can be seen today from the internal courtyard of the building.

The present façade is from the 16th century in a sober classical style, with architectural lines in perfect harmony. The lower parts of the large windows on the ground floor are of particular interest, with a ledge which is not very diffuse in architecture of the time and in Verona can only be seen used on the Muselli building  (Banca d’Italia) in Cavour Avenue (Corso Cavour).

Two bright Portals or Arches with ornate keystones of masks enhance the façade at the “Piano Nobile” level.

After the fall of Napoleon, Giuseppe Camozzini became owner of the building, previously owned by Count Gherardini, and completely renovated the interior to what was the current  “Empire” style.

The renovation was however not destructive. It was limited to the replastering of the walls and the covering of the ceiling beams with a false ceiling in reed and plaster also called “arelle” in local dialect.

The building’s decoration is styled on Classical Roman, and all of the characters  represented in the frescoes are Gods or Heroes from mythology.

Within the Archway on the end wall of the hall, in the “Trompe l’oeil” style (false perspective) is the only polychromatic image in the hall, representing a large Palladian Villa behind a triumphal arch.

Worth noting is also the “Room of the statues”, a charming sitting room decorated with a kind of plaster panelling to create real niches within  the walls. These niches each contain small statues again of mythological characters created in full relief.

The main hall or ball room is the most striking of all the rooms. The large space surrounded with the colours of the Neoclassic frescoed walls and the traditional Venetian floors all transport guests back in their minds to luxurious nineteenth-century balls.
The monochrome frescoes represent Heroes and Gods from Ancient Greece and Rome, placed in niches alternated with Corinthian columns. The ceiling is a stormy sky framed with circles that contain the portraits of the great poets and prose writers from the classic period.

This is location that allows guests to experience the evocative atmosphere of a historic residence, carefully furnished with the elegance of the time, where every single detail enhances the visual impact

The Camozzini Building has an internal lift (also for physically challenged guests), wi-fi internet connection, cloak-room, 3 bathrooms one of which is wheelchair accessible.

Catering service: We have a special working relationship with a number  of catering companies, however guests are free to select the catering company of their choice for their event.

It is also possible to add live background music to any event.

For exhibitions the complex of rooms allows for the creation of a specific route.

The Camozzini Building also has the possibility of sleeping guests in our Bed & Breakfast rooms.
There are two apartments each of which can accommodate 5 guests

The Camozzini  building is located in the historic Centre of Verona, at n.6 San Salvatore Vecchio Street just 200 m from Erbe Square (Piazza Erbe) and Juliet’s balcony, and 10 min. on foot from the Arena.

PALAZZO CAMOZZINI Via San Salvatore Vecchio, 6 - 37121  Verona tel. 3405962992  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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