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In a charming set of an ancient garden, you can see, magnificent, Villa Gritti. Hidden by secular trees this stunning Villa of the XV century. can be discovered walking trought the park.


The villa is located in the municipality of San Bonifacio (VR), 20 km from Verona and 90 from  Venice, and corresponds to an authentic monument of historical importance which over the centuries has acquired this area. From the domains of the Signoria Scaligera to the Serenissima until the Risorgimento period .


Today Villa Gritti is the ideal setting to accommodate various types of events, from weddings to gala dinners, from private parties to fairs.


The first information about the territories of Villabella are dated back to 1243, when this territory came under the rule of the Scaliger family. The first important settlement was made by one of the most influential families of the entourage Scaligero: The family Cavalli. Cavalli family realized under the domain of the Signoria Scaligera  a brilliant career and accumulated enormous wealth during the political and military expansion of the Signoria Della Scala. Between 1406 and 1408, Nicholas, Peter and Corrado Cavalli acquired important property in Soave San Bonifacio, among these there was also Villabella. However it was only after the middle of 1400 that the establishment of Villabella assumed a significant economic and social production, with a resident community organizations.


In 1480 the family sold the property to the Cavalli Marquise Fosdinovo, Bianca Malaspina Malaspina Gabriele bride. Subsequently, in a second marriage, the Marquise, taken as husband Virgil of Attendolo Sforza, who in 1522 gave a dowry to his daughter Giulia properties for his marriage to Alvise Gritti. So it was through the marriage that the Gritti family came into possession of the territories of Villabella. The Gritti family, managed to extend his rule for 4 centuries. During this long period, the Gritti managed to optimize and especially to take advantage of the wealth of the territory through the rationalization of crops. Towards the end of the first half of 500, when the production of rice spread from the plains of Lombardy even those Venetian, Villabella became an area of ​​significant main crop. This is mainly due to the important presence of watercourses. Essential for the cultivation of rice and they are also characteristic element of these territories.


Because of its particular situation, Villabella was always involved in war in the late '800 and '700. In addition, the political and administrative uncertainty of these years, did not allow the implementation of the operations necessary for land reclamation. The result was the inexorable swamping and degeneration of crops and the abandonment by the laborers of the country. With the end of the Venetian domination, the Gritti found themselves deprived of their privileges, and due to the inability to cope with the recovery and management of the activity they were forced to sell properties Villagritti. After 308 years of ownership. This event represents a historic moment because for the first time these lands passed from the nobility to the educated upper middle class. In fact, this is an interesting phenomenon that, in the nineteenth century, is common throughout northern Italy. In the case of Villabella was the Family Camuzzoni to take the reins of control over property. Carlo Camuzzoni, founder of the family was engaged, after purchase, in a major renovation and development of the territory, with the introduction of new crops such as mulberry trees for silkworms and innovative techniques aimed at improving the rice production.


Carlo died of cholera in 1836. He was succeeded by his son Giulio, who at the time was still a student at the Faculty of Engineering of Padua. The agricultural business was initially a choice dictated by the need, however, later it became more and more a profession that Julius exercised with great passion and dedication. Since 1853, Giulio began a series of important works that expanded and improved the structure and image of the villa. One example is the beautiful garden and the inscription, now lost, inserted just north to witness the restoration. He devised and promoted were many optimization that helped make the country prosperous and productive in this region.With his interest for the scientific and humanistic community, Giulio Camuzzoni was for Villabella and Verona an ideal example of positivist reformer. Enough to be appointed, in 1867, the mayor of the city of Verona. Giulio held this position with great energy and unquestionable capacity for 16 years. On the death of Senator Camuzzoni, in 1897, followed by a gradual but inexorable decline of interest by the family to run the farm. Until, in 1918, the Villa and all his property was sold to the family Cazzola.


Stanislaus Cazzola, gives life to the restoration of the property acquired during the year following the terrible epidemic of Spanish who left countless victims in its wake in Villabella. The family Cazzola held the reins of Villabella until after World War II. After this date, Cazzola sold the property to Matarazzo. Finally, the family Matarazzo, who at the time, was living in Brazil, after a short time in turn resell the Villa to the Conforti family in 1973.


Since that time the Conforti family have remained the owner of Villa Gritti.


We usually host weddings, gala dinners, buffets, exhibitions, conferences, private parties, business dinners, concerts and much more ... realized in the magnificent frame of Villa Gritti,an authentic Villa Veneta of the XV century.


Thanks to its variety of spaces, the Villa is perfectly suited to accomodate severa events and meet every typology of request.


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