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The recorded history of Villa Arvedi goes back to the 13th Century as the residence of Mastino, Alberto and Cangrande of Della Scala family. In 1432 it was described as “an estate with a battlemented palace and wine and oil presses”. The building in its present form was built to the design of the architect and sculptor G.B. Bianchi towards the middle of the 17th Century. The walls of the great hall and church are covered in frescoes by Dorigny (1654-1742). There are also other frescoes by Farinati, Falezza and Santo Prunati. In the centre of the rear courtyard stands the little Baroque church dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo who tradition has it was a guest there on his journey to the Council of Trent. Since 1824 it has been owned by the Arvedi family that remained devoted to the conservation. The Villa is open for visits and it has splendid halls available for meetings, conventions and luxury dinners. The splendid Titans Hall is one of the halls available, frescoed by Dorigny (1654-1742) with scenes from mythology, Perseus and the Gorgon, a battle between men and centaurs and the Titans who support the 12 signs of the zodiac. The lively fresco figures are set in a very complicated frame. The astonishing and vertiginous perspectives produced by trompe-l’oeil effects is attributed to Francesco Bibiena (1659-1739). The hall measures 20 metres by 9 metres and is about 12 metres high. It open to a terrace of 70 sp. metres. The shining Cesars Hall can accept 200 persons for sitting lunches and 300 persons for standing parties. Nex the hall there are two drawing-rooms of about 40 sq. metres each which offer a natural expansion space to the same hall and represent an ideal place for small meetings, aperitifs and entertaining guests. The good state of Villa’s repair discloses the reasoning that lies behind the design of the formal Italian garden. Well-clipped hedges form an impressive pattern leading the eye to the facade o the Villa and a collection of mythological statues in the garden leads to a maze. There is a grotto and large glass house of lemon trees.

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