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The soft outlines of the Veronese hills are the natural setting of Villa Wallner, a spacious and articulated complex of buildings built in various periods around the original  sixteenth century architectural nucleus. Villa Wallner grew over the centuries as it has changed hands between owners, each one living something of themselves, from Lattanzio Fiorentino, the original owner who built the first parts of the Villa in 1557, to Marta Wallner, the present owner. Not to be forgotten is the family of the Serego counts, who owned and extended the Villa between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Gherardini marquises, whose contributions  from 1630 onwards rendered the Villa the most beautiful and impressive building in Montorio -so much so that the Villa’s rooms  accommodated the future Cardinal Barbarigo; not to be forgotten is the lawyer Michelangelo Smania who during the nineteenth century built the fountain of Neptune in the courtyard and added to the Villa’s beauty  with his Greek and Latin inscriptions. This is a historic place, imbued with the charm of time and traces of bygone lifestyles, of moment lived and unforgotten stories, but also a place with a continuing vitality and a sober elegance that embraces the present, the inevitable changes of a restoration designed to create a modern, efficent and multifunctional solution, an environment suited to any occasion, without detracting from the villa’s historical charme but, rather, enriching it by blending past and present. Villa Wallner’s unique qualities are enhanced by the superb position just a few kilometres from the historical centre of Verona, by the natural beauty of the grounds, whose colours and moods change with the seasons, by its architecture, with the main building  flanked by two lateral wings, by the welcoming and elegant interiors, now improved by the restoration of eathing rooms, specially structured to cater for meetings, conventions ,exhibitions and business lunches and dinners. Rooms of different sizes and purposes can cater equally for small meetings or large, crowded conventions;  above all ,they each have a different individual atmosphere, with light suffused by rich chandeliers or filtered through elegant curtains which adorn the magnificent windows and with the warmth of historically decorated tapestries and wooden beams. These rooms  maintain all of this without detracting from the meticulous modern functionality of the facilities and are a testimony of a past which has never been so alive and in touch with the present.

VILLA WALLNER via Olivé, n°.40 – 37033 Montorio (VR)tel. 045557264 fax   E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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