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The complex, which present itself like a closed courtyard, is located in a still rural context, in the village of Ferrazze east of Verona, along the road between the villages of San Michele Extra and Montorio.

The tradition says that the name is due to a unknown Mater Anna, abbess of the Benedectine monastery of San Michele di Campagna, to whom the rural land donated in 1255 by Bartolomeo Visconti belonged. In the 400 the nuns sell the property to Zilo Bellando. La Mattarana then gets by dowry to the Verità branch of Falsorgo. In 1534 Agostino Nichesola buys from the Verità the farm, which in 1574 is bought by the Murari Bra, whom kept it until 1987.

A monumental gate, left of which there is the genteel chapel, interrupts the surrounding wall which follows the road and introduces to the posh courtyard, enriched by an Italian style garden. On the right and on the left there are two barchessa having dark arches on rusticated columns that adorn the long main floor that occupies the entire south side of the court. The central part of the gentlemens house, towered over by a pigeon tower, goes back to Nichesola and presents a ground level portico having three arches. At the sides of the two lower porticoes the central part of the villa is adjoined with the barchessas. At the point of intersection of the wings with the barchessas stand two large columbarium towers that represent the most antique nucleus of the complex, dating back to the age of Scaligeri (XIV century).

The park at rear of the Villa was realised at the end of the 800. To the same age, it goes back the adapting to entrance hall of the old vehicular access of the main body, which divides the sequence of the ground floors halls (four for each side).
Remarkable is the fresco decoration which, chronologically begins from the ground hall of the west tower. The frescos appointed by the Nichesola between 1550 and 1560 are attributed to Bernardino India. On the walls, two landscapes with Apollo and Cupid and Apollo and Daphne alternate to illusionist niches hosting fake Emperor
s statues. The pavilion ceiling, decorated in grotesquerie style, keeps in the central oval lacuna Flora and in the lateral circular lacunars the Four Winds. The next is Paris Hall, with a monumental fireplace and the Murari coat of arms and the halls of the east wing called Pathways, of the Coats of Arms (both subdivided) and the Four Seasons (that conserves the pavilion ceiling in its integrity), are attributed to the shop in Verona belonging to Ligozzi and date back to the end of
500. Of the same age and by the same school are also the frescos in the chapel.


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