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Palazzo Castellani di Sermeti is situated in the historic center of Verona in a favourable position, in front of Castelvecchio’s Castle and within five minutes walking distance from Piazza Bra and the Arena.

The Garden (1200 sqm.) is an unexpected and astonishing spot in the historic centre of the town. There are still nowadays ultracentenarian trees, the grotto, the berceau and several finds of past centuries.

The recent restructure has brought back to its original fascination the wide halls, which are now used for entertainment events, congress, gala dinners and wonderful weddings. The central hall and the four side halls are furnished with antique paintings and furniture.

The inside of the present Palace has a series of building stratifications which date back to the late Middle Ages. The valuable intervention of the late Sixteenth Century, commissioned by the former owner Teodosio Dondonini, is clearly legible still nowadays.

The area, inherited by the Maffeis in the first years of the Seventeenth Century, was by them widened through the acquisition of neighbouring buildings, which were given spacial unity at the end of the Eighteenth Century, according to  the project by Luigi Trezza (1752-1823), protagonist of the Veronese architecture of that period, through the realization of the monumental façade on the first courtyard, of the solemn entrance-hall with Ionic columns and of the majestic, pincer-shaped staircase; elements which are still present today.

The palace was passed to Canossa family in 1826 and then acquired by Castellani di Sermeti in 1867, who decided for a new intervention. The project, made by the engineer Giuseppe Manganotti, fully renewed the exterior in the sober forms still perfectly legible thanks to the very recent restoration.


PALAZZO CASTELLANI DI SERMETI Corso Castelvecchio 25 - 37121 VERONA Giovanna Castellani di Sermeti tel. +39 349 5211523 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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