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Agritourism Corte Spinosa was created within the winery Villa Spinosa to introduce more and more people to the wonderful world of wine.

Agritourism Corte Spinosa was born to communicate the passion in the making and ageing of wine and to unveil the history and charm hidden in each bottle. For those who want a relaxing break, away from the stress of everyday life, Corte Spinosa offers the opportunity to experience life in the countryside, in close contact with nature.

With these objectives in mind, Agritourism Corte Spinosa offers activities for individuals and groups, privates and companies.

These activities include guided tours, wine tastings, incentives and company meetings, cookery courses and weddings, and finally farm accommodation in Casa 12 and Casa 13, the two restored cottages located in the courtyard next to Villa Spinosa.

Corte Spinosa and its agritourism have the perfect answer for those who want to discover the fascinating world of wine, share the life of a winery, be in touch with a simple and authentic past and enjoy a relaxing stay in Valpolicella, the land of Amarone.

Nowadays the wine is not only foodstuffs, but it is becoming more and more a cultural factor, an ambassador of history, tradition and culture of its making area.

To confirm our conviction, we have instituted the "Francesca Finato Spinosa" Cultural Association, that has the responsibility to sustain cultural events and ideas that promote, at our winery or around this territory, the Valpolicella with its culture and wines.

Over the years Villa Spinosa has hosted a great number of cultural occasions: from classical music concerts to popular songs, from book presentations to poetry evenings, from debates to dancing events. 

We invite you to read the two paragraphs in this chapter for understanding and discovering a bit more Villa Spinosa's proposals and events.

Corte Spinosa offers individual guests and groups guided visits and tastings as enjoyable ways to discover the Valpolicella, Villa Spinosa and its wines.

The guided visits allow guests to discover the details of the Valpolicella area rich in vineyards, olive trees and cheery trees, the history of Villa Spinosa, and the secrets behind how we produce the wines in our range.

At the end of the visits, guests are invited to discover Villa Spinosa’s Valpolicella wines with guided tastings.

For further details about the guided visits and tastings on offer, please see the ‘Wine’ section.


For lovers of wine and traditional cuisine, or for those who are just interested in trying something new, we organise courses on wine production, wine tasting and traditional veronese cuisine.


Cooking demonstrations of how to prepare 4 dishes of typical Veronese cuisine including a starter, a pasta dish, a meat dish and a desert.

The courses are given by one or more chefs depending on the number of participants. The lesson duration determines the amount of involvement the participants have in the preparation of the dishes. We offer the following options:

1hr lesson:

Participants are presented with the ready prepared dishes and the chef explains how these were made. The participants are not involved in the preparation of the dishes but can learn how they were made.

2hr lesson:

Participants prepare the dishes themselves which include some partly prepared ingredients.

3hr lesson:

Participants are involved in the whole preparation of the dishes including the preparation of the ingredients. This gives the students the opportunity to completely prepare the dishes.


€10 per person. Minimum €180 - max €320 per group.

For further information on our courses, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The lush Vineyards, beautiful Italian garden, quaint courtyard and charming winery with its various rooms make this the ideal setting for memorable events including weddings, meetings, banquets and parties.


VILLA SPINOSA Via Colle Masua, n°12 – località Jago dall’Ora 37024 Negrar (VR) tel +39 045 7500093 cell +39 338 6648138 cell 3403060480 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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