Mezzane di Sotto is a rural village located at the bottom of the homonymous valley which goes from the State Road 11 Verona-Vicenza climbing over the east Lessinia mountains. At the beginning of the village, on the left end side, there is Villa Maffei. The surrounding wall of the garden and of a small park, borders the road onto which the east side of the gentlemens house overlook, orthogonally to the road itself.

The main building, with a rectangular layout, elevated on three storeys, has the main facade looking southwards. The same is subdivided by seven openings, of which the central opening of the ground floor has an arched doorway framed by two reinforced Tuscan columns. The same support the trabeation on which lays the stony balcony and balustrade of the main floor. Greater emphasis is given to the large central architraved window with the moulded frame. Above the central ashlar of the architrave is the final cymatium that supports the heraldic coat of arms in baroque style of the counts Bevilacqua with a wing alluding to their origin from the Wing of Trento.

The corners of the building are reinforced by a rusticated coating that can also be found in the land base on which are rectangular windows also with rusticated frames. The windows of the main floor, held together by a fascia of sills, present supporting brackets and frames moulded in the same fashion as the small quadrangular attic windows.

The west side of the villa develops into a wing where the main floor is marked by a loggia (today partially padded) with three fornixes with rustic frames on the supporting arches and columns and united by a balustrade of stone. A fragment of an unfinished wing is orthogonal to the body of the same and to which the barchessa is adjoining with a portico made up of arches on rusticated columns. The barchessa is, therefore, completed by a pigeon tower, beyond which there are other rustic buildings of less interest.

The rear facade of the Villa, looking north over the small park, presents similar character to the main one, without the lodge in the contiguous block.

The inside of the Villa presents the traditional tripartite plant with passing hall. The one on the ground floor is decorated by architectural squaring that in the four big borders of the long walls and above the four doorways, figure frescos of scenery by Andrea Porta, dated 1786. Purchaser of the renovation of the complex were, at the beginning of the ‘700, the Marquis Maffei, after whom came the Bevilacqua, responsible of more works and then other families. The Villa is home for the Municipality since 1991.

Open to the public:  Monday-Saturday 9.00-12.00, tuesday and thursday even 15.00-18.00


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