Historically, the area between the Adige and the Guà Rivers in the Veronese plain has been characterised by the large estate destination of the land thanks to the rural initiative of the Venetian patricians. Numerous the settlings of Villas which contribute to the establishment in the small centre of Pressana of the two powerful doge family, the Querini and the Grimani. The Villa is located not far from the Main church in an environmental context which still holds the rural values.

The posh building is located isolated at the centre of the walled vineyard- fenced garden to which we access through a gate held by two massive pillars with rustications. The long prospect of the Villa, facing south with two towers at the sides, has two stone pinnacles in the top underline 500 themes and motives on a plant going back to the previous century.

The middle part of the villa presents a three fornix loggia on Ionic columns and is enclosed by a large frame. Access to a single flight of stairs can be found at the central fornix.
A more attentive analysis of the villa, however, reveals many surprises. Firstly, the loggia results as being eccentric, with the east wing having five window openings which are much wider in respect to those on the west side with only four openings for light. The window adjacent to the loggia makes up for the fourth deceptive opening of the loggia itself. The staircase, observed from the side, instead reveals the twentieth-century construction which lengthens and widens a preceding flight of stairs which is indeed a flight of stairs but much more steep. At the time the antique stairs, dating back to 1563, concealed a fornix at the ground floor level which, with two still in existence on the sides, brings the villa to a fifteenth century design in terms of portico and loggia buildings. The back façade facing towards the countryside, devoid of towers and open elements like the loggia, demonstrate a more compact and severe trend. The windows on the ground floor have muzzle bars. The centre opening on the main floor in enriched by a balcony in the shape of a goose breast.
Inside, the Villa still preserve beautiful stone fire places. Other stone elements, like a couple of
telamoni, evident at the back of a destroyed fire place, ornamented the garden.
In the inside spaces there is a lodge decorated with late
500 fresco paintings representing antique landscapes and ruins; and also the hall at the main floor with decorated walls, still by unknown authors, with four episodes showing the history of the Grimani family. Other hall in the west wing still hold fragments with hunting scenes with rhinos and elephants. In the rooms of the east wing instead, the frescos, hidden by some paint, show episodes from the Eneide”.

The Villa is now private residence, divided in two different properties.


VILLA GRIMANI Via Carbone 12 - 37040 Pressana (VR) Tel: +39 0442 85798


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