The vast 600 complex of Villa Balladoro is located within the centre of Povegliano Veronese; a big courtyard precedes the central gentlemens house, after which there is the park. The structure is basically U shaped, where the building is sided, according to a symmetrical disposition, by lower buildings with porticoes at the ground floor, by the central small rustic premises which are also porticoed and that bound the extension into the courtyard in a transversal direction.

The facade of the antique residence of the noble Balladoro family is deployed on three storeys, in order to hold a gable end of the family, sided by two ornamented vases; at the sides of the median section, there are the portal with rustications and the entrance with arcuated gable.There are collocated two headstones, to remember the staying of Prince Carlo di Lorena Comercy, in 1701, and the one of Giovanni Antonio Riqueti, Marquis of Mirabeau, in 1704. To the XVIII century go back also the marble sculptures realised by Francesco Filippini there to decorate the perimeter of the park; the two small and fake lateral crenellated towers of the central building are instead attributed to a romantic tastes intervention, probably carried out in the XIX century.

The inside still holds original fresco paintings showing rural scenes.

Nowadays home of the Archaeological Museum, of the Balladoro Historic Archive and of the Council library, the Villa undertook a general restoration recently ended.


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