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Mizzole is a small centre located at the beginning of the Valsquaranto, one of the valleys north of Verona, leading to the central Lessinia mountains.

Here, there is Villa Arrighi, a complex the origin of which goes back to the XV century, when it was part of the rural settling linked to the productive activities of the nuns of San Michele in Campagna, on the outskirt of Verona.

In 1699 the ownership of the property passes to Augustin Negroboni, to whom probably is attributed the construction of a quite important gentlemens house on the public road, with the rustics along the east wing, the chapel and the farmers apartments westwards.
At the beginning of the
800, for inheritance the property passed from the Negroboni to the nobles Arrighi whom, between 1810 and 1820 appointed the painter Giovanni Canella, not only for decorating the insides but also to re-plan the main facade of the Villa facing south towards the garden, separated by a short wall from the open countryside. Canella gave a neo classical look to the building already characterised by a central lodge.
The villa is made up of a long core with the central sector being surrounded by a portico, surmounted by a loggia and articulated by four central columns and two lateral strip pilasters. The style chosen for the strip pilasters, made in stone and of large dimensions, is in Ionic style. The two lateral sectors to the facade present at the ground floor level two architraved openings with two lights supported by a central column adjacent to the large loggia. The stairs that lead to the upper floors begin at this point. The rest of the facade is measured by three window axes, of which the central window at the main floor level has a balcony with a stone balustrade that recalls the large balustrade, also in stone protect the opening of the loggia.

Other than the eaves there is a long attic with seven quadrangular windows measured by pilasters and adorned by six statues. Other two statues are placed at the extremities of the roof of the building, attempting in this manner to balance the marked horizontal trend of the villa.
The interiors still hold part of the neoclassical decoration with squarings and landscapes, attributed to Canella himself, other to Andrea Porta. Strange the pavilion ceiling of the loggia decorated with false pergola.

The facade of the Villa, towards the road doesnt hold any interesting point.
The chapel, facing the road has a bell tower of a
700 taste. Between the chapel and the Villa there is the arched portal to access the complex.

The Villa, abandoned for many years, has been restored by the Merigo family, whom bought it in 1991


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