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Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is a wonderful patrician residencesurrounded by a vast Italian-style garden. The Villa is located in the small and picturesque village of Castion Veronese near Costermano, between Lake Garda and theslopes of Monte Baldo, in Verona province.

Built on 1760, on the basis of the design by Ignazio Pellegrini, the villa is equipped with all the facilities that can turn your event into a great success.

Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is one of the most important examples of Enlightenment in Verona and expresses its architectural value through a harmonic connection of the villagarden and park with nature. The large park surrounding the villa recalls the style of Versailles: elegant trimmed hedges and trees that offers secluded corners for welcome drinks, receptions and relaxation areas.

The Villa is composed by two main flats with 22 internal halls that can host from 10 up to 90 people each. The halls, decorated in baroque style with beautiful frescos, depict rustic views of holiday life.

Napoleone Bonaparte and Luigi Einaudi are among the illustrious guests that this villa welcomed during the course of centuries. During the battle of Rivoli, the Villa was for example residence of Napoleone.Luigi Einaudi, president of the Republic and his wife often rested in its rooms during their stay in Verona.

The villa has been recently restored and nowadays the park and the halls of the Villa are the perfect setting for any type of event: wedding receptions, gala dinners, meetings, show rooms, product launches, parties, fashion shows and cultural events. The environment and the context in which your event will be held could not be better.

The venue can be easily reached from Verona via the Brenner state road, the motorway junction of AffiVerona Airport and from the Lake Garda.

Internal Halls

Solutions for wedding receptions and events up to 250 people

The main structure of the villa consists of 2 floors with 22 rooms decorated and frescoed from 10 to 90 people each, with a total capacity of 250 persons.

The monumental marble staircase gives access to the main hall decorated with frescoes depicting expansive landscapes, mythological and pastoral scenes.

The central hall is decorated with important frescoes on both walls and further enriched with mythological statues. The hall of chinoiserie is characterized by frescoes of scenes of life resort in oriental costumes.The White Room is characterized by white plaster surfaces that make it exceptionally bright

The Garden

The solution for wedding receptions and events up to 1.000 people

 Villa Pellegrini Cipolla is situated inside a large park of over 20.000 square meters with an endless garden. The large park surrounding  the villa recalls the style of Versailles: elegant trimmed hedges and trees that offers secluded corners for welcome drinks, cocktail buffet, wedding receptions and relax areas.

Our romantic Italian style garden represents a green oasis of beauty and tranquility, the perfect frame for an unforgettable event.

A romantic Italian Wedding at Lake Garda - Verona Area

A prestigious, romantic, elegant and refined wedding venue where you can celebrate your dream wedding in Italy.

The large Italian Style garden and the internal halls of Villa Pellegrini Cipolla represent the perfect setting for your wedding reception.

welcome appetizer and hors d’oeuvres buffet in the magnificent park of the Villa followed by a served wedding lunch/dinner in one of the frescoed internal halls at the first floor and final party with dancing and musicians in the sala barchessa, contiguous to the villa.

This is just one possibility of how could be arranged your wedding reception.

The environment and the frame in which your wedding will be held could not be better.

Our location is moreover located in an enviable position: just 10 minutes from the breathtaking scenery of Lake Garda and 30 minutes from the historic city of Verona.

Our staff looks after the organisation of your wedding in accordance with your wishes, offering you a wide range of wedding menus taken care of by our catering, combined with services such as flower arranging, choice of music, photographer, lighting solutions, accommodation, all organised by our qualified team.

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