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The castle was built by the Marquis Pio Enea degli Obizzi around 1570, on a project developed, it seems, by Obizzi himself whose name is related to the invention of the howitzer. The castle mirrors completely its military function. In fact the structure was shaped with small crenellated towers triumphal arches and a drawbridge, and its external aspect was definitely that of a fortress. Often in the inside Enea and his friends would dedicate to the art of the war. Even the many artists that decorated with paintings the internal walls were ordered to represent war scenes; from ancient roman up to more recent episodes that involved the Obizzi themselves. During time the castle began to extend himself, adding guests rooms dislocated over four floors. Only the last of the Obizzi thought about adding something that wasn't military. In fact he enriched it with collections of coins, paintings, musical instruments and archaeological findings. These collections where moved by the Habsburg when they took possession of the castle. Interesting is the fresco cycle dated 1571-72 by Battista Zelotti an artist from Verona, friend and disciple of Veronese. In the garden lies the splendid “ Elephant Fountain “ among other fountains that created a splendid setting, together with statues, masks, aviaries and a hedge maze. We can also find hanging gardens, lounges and terraces. The huge “Garden of the Giants”, now hollow, was in ancient times used for tournaments. The external frescoes have gone lost. The etymology of the name “del Catajo” is uncertain, maybe derived from the mythical Catajo visited by Marco Polo. Today it is opened as a museum, but it has been equipped as a fascinating location for business meetings, ceremonies and cultural events. It's extremely easy to reach, because it is located just outside the exit Terme Euganee of the motorway.

CASTELLO DEL CATAJO:  Via Catajo, n° 1 - 35041 Battaglia Terme  Tel: +39 049 9100411   Fax: +39 049 526946

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