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Situated in Sarmeola di Rubano, along the main road to Vicenza , just ten minutes from Padova town centre, VILLA BORROMEO, a country mansion and original family estate which was built around 1615. It is surrounded by 2,5 hectars of woodland and lawns, away from the fast spreading urban area.

A fine example of Italian "villa veneta", it has living space of 600 sq.m. arranged over two storeys and loft. The piano nobile floor is characterized by a series of impressive, frescoed rooms painted between 1600 and 1700 by fine artists inspired by the great Venetian masters.

Some of the original features of the building, like its stone fireplaces, Venetian terrazzo floors, fixtures, doors and timber beams have been revitalised through careful renovation.

The original period furniture has been supplemented by modern-day facilities to add functionality, whilst preserving the original charm and character.

The property now offers full use of its indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks also to the thorough renovation of its stables, barchessas and wide loft which have been converted into 1300 sq.m. halls with en-suite facilities, air-conditioning, heating, dimmable lighting. They are also equipped with the latest communications equipment, providing the ideal setting for business events, including conferences, company meetings, exhibitions, fashion shows, dinners or any other type of formal or public events.

Technical data

Built area                   2100 mq

Number of halls         12

Capacity / 1 hal         l400

Capacity /                  2 adjoining halls 580

Conference halls      Up to 400/450

Porches Up to           220

Car park                    300 cars + coach

Park                           2,5 hectars

Architectural              period XVII century

Open                          All year round

Special care and attention has been paid to the audio/video and thermal engineering systems in order to provide our guests and staff with a comfortable environment and a wide range of communications and display equipment, whilst maintaining versatility and ease of use.


The lighting has been specially designed to create the optimum illumination to suit any type of business event, including conferences, company meetings, exhibitions, fashion shows dinners or any other type of formal or public events. The "lightcontrol" system enables selection of up to 32 different light settings all available at the touch of a button from different locations (and interacting with the audio and video systems, where required). Last but not least, the whole system can also be operated via an IR remote control.

Audio and video systems

The audio system, which covers the entire area (indoor and outdoor), performs high quality sound reproduction from any source including CDs, radio, microphones, PCs, and can be operated from different control desks in the halls or via a handy IR remote control. The system also covers the outdoor spaces to cater for all demands and circumstances. It is highly versatile and allows an independent and diversified hall-by-hall operation to suit any conference or musical entertainment situation.

The video system is installed in the two larger halls which are best suited for conferences and company meetings. It comprises two separate control systems that can be operated totally independently. If needed, the two systems can be interconnected and operated from any control desk (which also operates the lighting and sound). The system is equipped with video projectors (three different locations in each hall) and plasma screens (20 in each hall)

Thermal engineering

The thermal engineering systems serving the building use the latest and most sophisticated equipment available to create a comfortable environment. The heating and air conditioning system is equipped with patented air treatment units that have been tested under extreme conditions (hospital operating rooms). These units not only perform a highly efficient electrostatic filtration and a regular decontamination of the air ducts by forced ionization but also circulate hot or cold air, as required. This system removes harmful airborne microdust (PM10, PM6...) and contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mould etc.) thus providing cleaner and safer air, as well as a comfortable environment for staff and guests.


VILLA BORROMEO Via della Provvidenza, n°61 - 35030 Sarmeola di Rubano PADOVA Tel. +39 049 8979900 Fax. +39 049 8988483 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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