The history of the origins and construction of Villa Selvatico, Da Porto has no detailed documentation.
The master house was built between the 15th and 16th centuries, however the complex with the barchessa, farm buildings and vast garden was extended during the 18th century, when the two-storey terraced building was built between the villa and the barchessa, and the other adjacent residential building.

The current appearance gives the idea of a succession of various architectural changes over the centuries, but the physical layout of the oldest building and its main formal features clearly witness its 16th century origins.

Like any typical Venetian palazzo, the ground floor and piano nobile are both run through by a long passing hall with a wooden ceiling, and on the main façade there is a tall arched opening flanked by rectangular windows on both storeys.

Unlike the façade overlooking the road, with its simple decorations formed of stone cornices which frame the doors and windows, the façade over the garden is marked with stringcourses and has only architrave openings.

The date when the ownership passed onto the Vicenza family Da Porto who lived in Palazzo Barbaran in Contra Porti is unknown.

After restoration work over the last few decades the villa is now in reasonable condition; however the main rooms on the ground floor and piano nobile seem unchanged in layout and still have the original wooden beam ceilings.


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