Emo family among the Euganean Hills

At foot of the Euganean Hills, close to the Abbey of Praglia and just a few kilometres south of Padua you will find Montecchia, the famous vineyard of the family of the Counts of Emo Capodilista. At the top of the mound stands the Villa Capodilista, built in the sixteenth century to a design by Dario Varotari, whose frescoes and original architecture are among the most admired in the Villas of Veneto. The beautiful building, conceived initially as a hunting lodge, is based on a square plan that is repeated in the internal distribution of the rooms: four on the ground floor and four on the first floor, separated by a splendid staircase composed of four flights in Greek cross formation and enhanced by a double order of broad loggias that look down from the hill over a grand and pleasant countryside. The rooms and the loggias in the Villa have "grotesque" decorations, as well as scenes and characters from Roman history and mythology. Nearby, also owned by the Emo Capodilista family, stands an imposing massive tower in the centre of a castle surrounded by the buildings of an unusual semifortified rural court which, according to pious tradition, was the scene of a difficult meeting between Ezzelino da Romano and Saint Anthony of Padua, in  the presence of Blessed Giordano Forzatè, an ancestor of the Capodilista  family and Prior of Saint Benedict. Inside the Mediaeval Court there is a Farm tourist centre and a Museum of Rural life, bearing witness to the laborious toil on which today's farming was founded. The complex, enriched with a sixteenth century chapel and surrounded by a 27-hole Golf Course, is a monumental organic whole that can host conference, weddings, business meetings and  receptions; in the farm tourist centre visitors can taste and buy the D.O.C. wines and the Farm products. Inside the Mediaeval complex some apartments are available. All houses have been restored and decorated to a high quality standard and are equipped with central heating, dishwasher, washing machine and fridge

VILLA EMO detta LA MONTECCHIA Via Montecchia, n° 16 - 35030 SelvazzanoTel: +39 049 637294   Fax: +39 049 8055826 www.lamontecchia.it - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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