Villa Pisani in Vescovana is a monumental dwelling thanks to its architectural style and the size of the dimensions that immediately conveys the sense of the prestige and the power of the Pisani’s Family. The 3 floors palace, commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Pisani, was erected in 1579. The main floor was frescoed with mythological, allegorical and holy subjects by Paolo Veronese, who probably realised the pictures that represent the Cardinals Francesco and Alvise Pisani, by G. Battista Zelotti, by Dario Varotari and his Flemish pupil Ludovico Toeput, called “il Pozzoserrato”. On both sides of the Villa the porticoed Wings continue with beautiful and original wooden trusses of the XVth century. n 1800 the last Countess Pisani Evelina Van Millingen, English peeress born in Turkey, restructured the Villa creating an extraordinary garden for variety of species, included the exotic ones, and the creative originality, which melts the “Italian” model with the Oriental geometries. Evelina, in her beloved residence, received famous guests who came to visit Venice such as Queen Vittoria’s daughter, the Empress Frederika of Germany, the queen of Sweden, the richest Elisabeth Stewart Gardner, the painter Sargent, Robert Browning, Lord Byron and Henry James. Since the year 1970 the Family Bolognesi Scalabrin owns and lives in the Villa and had been beginning an important and respectful renovation. Nowadays the Villa offers an elegant B&B hospitality, where the guests can relax in the swimming-pool and sunbathe in a silent and secluded park. The wide frescoed rooms, the theatre and the covered porticos are the ideal location for every kind of event in a quiet, aristocratic and charming atmosphere. The enlightened garden and the pergola allow to organise beautiful wedding receptions and parties, surrounded by plants and flowers.

VILLA PISANI SCALABRIN Via Roma, n° 25 - 19 - 31  - 35040 Vescovana (PD) Tel. e fax: +39 0425 920016 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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