This is the portal made by “Ville Venete & Castelli” Association, which, for over 25 years, has been working to make known to the world Venetian Villas as tourist products. The Association put in order not only the Venetian Villas and Castles joining the Association, but also all those that offer tourist services. Thus in this website you will find: Palladian Villas (UNESCO World Heritage), Castles and Villas where you can stay (hotels, bed&breakfasts and agritourisms) Castles and Villas where you can organize convivial meetings, weddings, graduation parties and celebrations of various kinds, Castles and Villas where you can organize cultural events (exhibitions, theatre, dance and music), but also photoshoots. Castles and Villas where already many companies, both Italian and foreign, organize their business meetings, international meetings, product launches and fashion shows. In this portal you will find all the possible routes that have as their focus on Venetian Villas, although without making you miss all the tourist excellences that make Veneto the first Italian region for visitors. Our villas are in fact spread throughout Veneto and are therefore closely linked to all the most beautiful places that tourists love to visit. Directly connected not only with Venice, but also to the most beautiful beaches in Europe, the Dolomites (another UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Venetian Lagoon and the Po Delta (the largest and richest of history wetland in Europe), Lake Garda and all the “Cities of Art” which, together with the Venetian Villas ensure that this is the richest area in the world for architectural heritage of the same type (4,328 certificated Venetian Villas). Through this portal, you can choose your favourite pathway: individual o for a group, either with your own vehicle, as a organised tour, by bicycle, car or boat. For more informations please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ville Venete & Castelli

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