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The story tells that Girolamo D’Avanzo, an ancient Venetian property owner, donated its land to the revered monks’ fold of “Osservanza dei Servi di Maria” in the year 1450 in order to let them accomplishing the construction work in favour of the community of the Arzer’s and Bandelli’s faithfuls, who took care of it until 1769 when the Serenissima Republic proclaimed the “Ad pias causas” law and their order was suppressed. A cadastral document originated from 1582 asserts that the property belonged to the Venier family until 1778. After an architectonical examination of the Barchessa and after the comparison to other similar constructions, we can affirm that the building might be dated between the end of 500 and the first half of 600. A first appearance of the Barchessa is tested in an official document of 1735, concerning the trade-in of the land between the Polani’s and the Ferrini’s, afterwards it belonged to Luise’s until 1917. At the origins the Villa had existed too but today only the Barchessa witness the richness of its past Venetian reminiscences. The Simoni family bought the villa in 1990; thanks to their wish to conciliate ancient architectonical stiles together with the modern forms of utilisation, the Barchessa erects itself today in its entire majesty and with a splendour never seen before.

Barchessa Polani represents the perfect scenario to host business meetings, conventions and incentives, press conferences, private parties and special fancy events in an unique ambiance mingling modern organization exigencies together with the elegance of the past.

Inside the comfortable and more intimate hall sited on the ground floor or inside the magnificent hall sited on the third floor - perfectly reproducing the Venetian eighteenth century style, dominating a wonderful equestrian panorama - any event will be permeated by the essence of the fusion of nature together with comfort and modernity. The Barchessa is a perfect location even during summer time, especially by night: immersed in the park, enjoying the elegance of the bloomed small lake or relaxing in the tennis court… lunches, meetings and gala parties turn to be forms of original effusion and unequalled involvement.

Barchessa Polani is the perfect location for wedding receptions, baptisms, anniversaries, gala dinners, graduation parties and family meetings needing a particularly warm and comfortable ambience. In this splendid naturalistic scenario, you will feel the suffused harmonies of colours and the magic atmospheres spread from the small lake: your event will turn into a dream.

Thanks to a careful lighting, the night atmosphere becomes particularly surreal and almost evanescent. Majesty of the internals and of the huge external spaces is related to the staff sensibility and professionalism creating such suggestive settings to make your event unforgettable and unique.


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