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A farming estate in the small village of Vo, surrounded by the luxuriant Euganean Hills, is documented back in the 15th century; there is a map of the land dated 1427 which was prepared by the Padua family Santasofia, which only shows the oldest centre while a later map dated 1521 shows that it was much more extensive. In the policy of Marsilio Santasofia dated 1613, the estate is described as a real complex with the master house, stables, cellars, garden, orchard, maze, hay barn and courtyard.

In 1759 Maria Sceriman Corner became owner of half of the main building, which she completely took over in 1797 together with the surrounding land for a total of around 3,500 hectares. After the distribution to the sharecroppers, only 25 hectares were left belonging to the villa, which were used to cultivate vines.

Around the middle of the 20th century the complex was bought by the Soranzo family, who carried out general restoration work and brought to light some frescoes inside, and they also transformed the outbuildings used for the wine production.

The villa is in good condition today; unlike the majority of villas with double façades over the road and the garden (and perhaps due to the original layout of the site and its connecting roads); the main buildings is virtually unrecognisable from the outside, while the interior façade is dominated by a columned pronaos standing on a base that accentuates the elongated proportions.

Plunged in the vineyards of the Euganean Hills, one meets Villa “Sceriman”, an ancient rural building of the sixteenth century, minor work of Palladio’s.

The former stables of the villa now host the wine-sampling room where wines, salami and typical cheese of the Euganean Hills can be tasted.

Recreational activities: visits to the vintage stock with explanation of the cycle of wine-producing, guided wine tasting.

Visits to the vintage stock with explanation of the cycle of wine-producing, guided wine tasting

Products sale: D.O.C. certified wines from the Euganean Hills, grappa, jam, wine, vinegar and apples.

Open all year round (CLOSED: sunday and holidays).


VILLA SCERIMAN Via dei Colli, 1084 - 35030 Boccon di Vo' (PD) Tel. +39 049 9940123 Fax +39 049 9940942 


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