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Villa da Ponte (ora Vergerio) within Cadoneghe takes its name from the Venetian noble family which already since 1600 possessed vast tenements.

The U-shaped body, has a West-facing main Facade with Music Room, the real jewel of the complex, and to its side the Oratory where the remains of the Da Ponte family are buried.

A memorial stone on the face of the Oratory commemorates the day of its consacrations to St. Joseph. (14 Oct. 1749) in which Lorenzo Da Ponte, brother of Nicola hen Bishop of Ceneda, today Vittorio Veneto, partecipated. Said bishop, as was commonplace in the 17th Century, gave his own name to a young enterprising cleric of great ingenuity. He was a converted Jew who was to become famous as Mozart's Librettist.

The villa arises at the crossing of C.K. III, a main polar road, and S.D.X, a corresponding perpendicular (much like the corner of a Street and Avenue in New York in Roman town planning) and appears in a 1757 map. Further documentation on the presence of the villa are the Napoleonic Land Survey of 1783 and the Austrian one of 1845. The frescoes in the Music Room have been attributed to Giovanbattista Crosato (1686-1758).

At the center of the celling is the portrayal Fame with Nicolò Da Ponte dressed as an ancient warrior by her side. At the feet of his Lordship is the Lion of St. Mark and the family crest (The "Ponte delle Guglie" bridge in Venice) held up by a Cherub.

Hospitality in large rooms with ensuite bathrooms in a glamorous "Villa Veneta".

The apartment of 200 at the noble floor of villa Da Ponte has three bedrooms each with bathroom (one with jacuzzi, one with a washing- machine), a large sitting room (with satelite tv), a well furnished kitchen. Free WiFi.

Outside a large garden and a parking site for guests.

Villa Da Ponte is situated on a strategical position, in the hearth of Veneto, near Padova, easily reachable. Villa Da Ponte, today Villa Vergerio, is on hand also for receptions, weddings, banquets and other events.

A glamorous ambiente, home of a venetian noble family, recently restored……….at your complete disposal!

When you see the villa, you will be enchanted. In its magnificence, it is a villa on a human dimension, where simplicity and value combine to give your party a magic touch, almost historic.
A prestigious, home of a noble Venetian family, recently restored .... for you! The great charm of the location, its indoor and outdoor, is suitable for wedding receptions, business meetings, fashion shows, exhibitions of clothing or jewelry, television commercials and anything that requires significant atmosphere and a lot of details.

Villa for weddings and events up to 130 people.


VILLA DA PONTE via Roma, 72 - 35010 Cadoneghe (PD) Tel. +39 049 8876822 (ore ufficio), +39 049 8870443 Fax+39 049 703440 (ore pasti) e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Elena Faustinelli +39 349 4260853 Livio Vergerio +39 335 7180860

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