Great Gardens of Europe

The Villa Barbarigo Gardens, one of the most important and intact of Europe, owes its current splendor to the design of Luigi Bernini executed in the mid 1600's by the nobleman GiovanFrancesco Barbarigo. In the monumental complex, recently inherited and restored by the nobleman Fabio Pizzoni Ardemani, water plays a crucial role in an astounding universe of fountains, streams, and fishponds. Among the towering secular trees of the forest seventy statues illustrate significant episodes such as the long and winding labyrinth , the island of rabbits, the monument to Time, and the play of water.   The valley, justifiably named the “Pearl of the Euganean Hills” is privileged to be in the center of a regional park adjacent to a 27- hole golf course and surrounded by the hillside woodlands that ring the 18th century Villa Barbarigo-Pizzoni Ardemani with its world-famous garden and adjacent park. In the former “Martinengo Hunting Lodge” nine suites will be in operation from summer 2002 to satisfy the most exacting client in terms of elegance, comfort and surroundings. The garden extends to a 60,000 square meter park facing some early rural structures, transformed into vacation homes in a country setting, but with the utmost in luxury and comfort including a swimming pool. The exceptional quality of the complex is in its vast land holdings, dating from the ownership of the Scrovegni family in the 1300's passed on to the family of Contarini , then to Barbarigo of Santa Maria Zobenigo , to the noble family Michiel, , then to Count Martinengo da Barco and Donà delle Rose, then finally in   1929 to the noble family Pizzoni Ardemani, the current owners who jealously guard its integrity and heritage.

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