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The Pedrocchi, at the time of its founder, the businessman Antonio Pedrocchi, was one of the most important centres of the Mitteleuropean Culture. In its Halls revolutions were planned, literary movements and democracy began. Any important person had to attend the Halls of that architectural beauty, known as the “Caffè senza porte”, planned by the engineer and architect Giuseppe Jappelli and famous everywhere because it was opened night and day, a royal palace without king, where everyone could be a king, completely served, with silverware, linen-tablecloth and cups of refined ceramics. People came from Paris and Berlin, not only to speak about aesthetics, but also for business relationships, to satisfy a more and more refined taste, to show to the beau monde the latest fashion dresses, to see the most ladies sat on the sofas of the biggest Café of the world. The three Halls of the ground-floor, that remember our flag (the White one, theRed one and the Green one), were immediately seen by Padua’s citizens and the world tourists as a symbol, where life drew everyone’s destiny. From the heroisms of the Risorgimento to the cultural avant-gardes. A place which creates identity, which renews the town. As in the past, extraordinary emotions can be lived among the Doric columns, the mirrors, the geographic maps and the precious furnitures. Thirty steps to reach the Main Floor, where you can admire a series of beautiful halls. From the Roman Hall to the Greek one, to go then in the Etrurian Hall bed in the Renaissance one. Then there are the Herculanean Hall and the Egyptian one and the most beautiful among all, the Rossini Hall. The main floor is an ideal location for successful conventions, meetings and weddings. Time goes on but the charm of the Caffè Pedrocchi remains.

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