Museum Toni Benetton

Welcome to the website of the Museum Toni Benetton where are collected the works of the master and where it is preserved and passed on his experience, his genius, his creativity .

Is possible to discover the work of the sculptor from the beginnings to the macrosculture living that characterize his art.

The museum is divided into three different sections: 

  1.      internal (covered area with smaller works, sketches, projects)
  2.      park (open area with monumental works, macrosculture livable)
  3.      laboratory (area containing the tools used by the teacher)

The Museum Toni Benetton is in the context of the Villa Marignana Benetton purchased by the artist to make it his home as well as workplace.

The museum is visited by appointment at a cost of 7 euro or in organized groups (at a reduced price) or schools.

Inside the museum are works in plaster, bronze, earthenware,iron,  figurative art up projects and designs for the macroscultore and Townscapes

The Master Toni Benetton founded the laboratory workshop, an ideal place to make experience,  the manipulation of matter giving space to his curiosity and creativity.

”the problem has always been to let the iron is iron, intervening by moderation, with discretion, but with authority and personalities“

The park covers 20,000 square meters and contains the works of living and macrosculture. The concept of livable art is dear to the Master as the work is not an end in itself, but ivites the visitors to cross and interact with it, the work projects light and shadow, emits sound generated by wind or rain.


VILLA MARIGNANA Museo Toni Benetton Via Marignana 112  - 31021 Mogliano Veneto (TV)  Tel. +39 041 942111 Fax +39 041 8620931  E-mail. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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