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CastelBrando has been restored to its original splendour through skilful and loving restoration. Open all year round, the Castle is immersed in the uncontaminated greenery of the pre-Alps of Treviso and overlooks the ancient hamlet of Cison di Valmarino. The ancient Manor House is located in an area which was inhabited in prehistoric times by Paleoveneto peoples. In ancient times the building was a military fortress, probably built to defend the Claudia Augusta, the Roman road constructed in the 1st Century AD to connect the ports of the Adriatic coast to the Danube. The findings made at the time of the last restoration show that the “Castrum” was also inhabited and used as a fortress during the Longobard Period. In the second half of the 12th Century the Da Camino family extended the building and surrounded it with decorative battlements and a central tower. In 1436 the Venetian Republic awarded Brandolino IV and Erasmo da Narni, also known as Gattamelata, the fiefdom of Val di Mareno; the area was later governed exclusively by the Brandolini family. Additions were made to the central part, in Sansovino style, by Antonio Maria Brandolini (16th Century), who also added some Venetian touches. The 18th Century part was the last to be erected and was the work of the architect Ottavio Scotti. This linear and imposing structure is imbued with rigorous classicism. Today, the Castle is an elegant four-star hotel whose tastefully-decorated rooms are fitted with every modern comfort to keep even the most demanding tourist or businessman happy. Bright, spacious salons house a versatile Conference Centre, which provides seating for up to 1,800 people: the Centre contains three theatres, four rooms and other exhibition areas from the 18th Century all equipped with the latest technology for conferences, meetings, exhibitions, seminars, workshops, concerts, banquets, fashion shows and other artistic events, complete with an interpreting service. CastelBrando also offers a Cultural Centre whose four museums take guests back to the time of our ancestors, whose first settlements in these hills date back to nearly 5000 years ago. The Castle’s historical atmosphere also pervades its two restaurants and eight bars, which offer tasty snacks and local and international cuisine. There is also the chance to enjoy ancient recipes by taking part in splendid medieval dinners. These turn into full historical re-enactments in medieval dress, with drummers, flag throwers, knights in armour and medieval games. The many facilities available at CastelBrando include a modern, multi-purpose Beauty Centre, located in the oldest wing of the Castle, which offers hydromassage, sauna, gymnasium, solarium and personalised beauty treatments.


CASTELBRANDO Via Brandolini, n° 29 - 31030 Cison di Valmarino (TV) Tel: +39 0438 9761 Fax: +39 0438 976020 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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