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Leaving Treviso and crossing the bridge over the river Piave towards Susegana in the midst of an enchanting landscape, dominated by the Alpine range and the ring of hills. The Castle of San Salvatore of the Collalto family majestically stands out . Possessors of an invaluable family archive the Counts of Collalto, called consummate artists to embellish their dwelling. They were extravagant benefactors and among their famous guests was Monsignor Giovanni della Casa, who wrote his “Galateo” (Book on Etiquette) in the peace and quiet of the Abbey of Nervesa. Unmistakeable feature of the Treviso hill landscape the castle of San Salvatore of the Counts of Collalto dominates from the top of a rise the plain as far as the Venetian lagoon. The Castle of San Salvatore, built in the 13th century, has a surface area of 32,000 sq.m.  After this first scenic impact that already testifies to the greatness of the family, upon passing through the drawbridge, access is gained to the Rocca (stronghold), dominated by the impressive Keep. The fascination of the stronghold is completed by Palazzo Odoardo, which the ambitious Count Odoardo, being in competition with the proud Venetian nobility for the position of doge, had built mid-18th century as a lavish example of his power. Today Palazzo Odoardo has been equipped with the most modern technologies as a fascinating location for business meetings, ceremonies, cultural events, concerts, gala dinners, banquettes and cocktails. 18 halls of different sizes (from 250 to 30 sq.m) can be arranged for every purpose and can cater equally for small meetings or large conventions. It has a wide parking area for over 200 cars. Palazzo Odoardo contains also a magnificent apartment offering every comfort in addition to suggestive panorama and quiet.

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