Built by Palladio

The presence of the noble Venetian Cornaro family and their land estates in Piombino Dese is documented since 1422, when they owned 310 fields in the Treviso area, many houses and outhouses. The plans to extend and renovate the complex were already started by Girolamo, who owned the estate in 1539, but were only put into act several years later by his son Giorgio, heir together with his brother Andrea, who wanted a new home built and called on Andrea Palladio to design it. This assignment from such a powerful noble was a very important one for the architect, and one of his first professional assignments outside the Vicenza area, at about the same time as when he was having Villa Pisani built in Montagnana.

We can date Palladios work between 1552 and 1553, when the building work was definitely underway and should have been ready for April 1554, because in June the Cornaro couple formally went there to live. However, the villa was not finished and only the central block without the top loggia and side wings had been completed.
It was finished in two subsequent building campaigns, the first in 1569 and the second, managed by Vincenzo Scamozzi, in 1588, when Camillo Mariani was also involved who made the statues in the main hall.

The fact the villa is isolated with respect to the outhouses and the dominating façade over the road with the double-order jutting pronaos, give us the idea of the real nature of the building, which was a country palazzo and not just a holiday residence.
Inside the lovely main hall with four free columns that hold up the bearing beams of the wooden ceiling, which is very richly painted, was used as a reception hall, while the private apartments were on the top floor, reached up one of the two twin oval stairways at the sides of the loggia overlooking the courtyard.

Despite the new use after the Second World War, after the restoration work between 1970 and 1980 the building is in a good state of conservation.

It is a Unesco listed building.

Open to the public: Saturday 15.30-18 open to individuals (May-September). Open to groups (minimum 10) throughout the year by appointment.


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