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The Castle of Valbona was constructed in the early1200s by Padoans as a fortified outpost in a strategic position at the foot of the Berici Hills and in the course of centuries has remained essentially unchanged. The most unique feature of this building is its scale, much smaller than usual which makes it very charming … It has the classic structure of a castle, with stairways, hallways and passages that are near to one another that allow easy and quick access to all the areas inside. The castle is well preserved, allowing one to revisit the medieval atmosphere while walking down the narrow hallways, the steps of marble and small niches inside the courtyards, the rooms used by the warriors , horsemen and for provisions. Walking on the ramparts, you can relive the era of grand dames, horsemen and ancient spirits. Today an elegant restaurant offers its guests, in the exclusive atmosphere of the characteristic rooms, the possibility to choose from the varied gastronomy of the Veneto tradition. The rooms of the restaurant are an excellent backdrop for wedding receptions, business dinners, top level meetings. The large area, the ambience of an ancient castle, the impeccable service, the perfect organization in every detail, the refined cuisine, all contribute to make a visit to Castello of Valbona a memorable event.

RISTORANTE CASTELLO VALBONA Via Castello, n°2 -35034 Lozzo Atestino (PD) Tel. +39 0429 97022 fax +39 0429 697100 Pizzeria tel. 0429697161

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