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The Dominio di Bagnoli” is extended for more than thousand hectares and its viticulture history  has more than thousand years. It stands in the middle of the town that was probably developed after the construction of the villa all around it. The villa  looks the square with a long and monumental facade, with a magnificent loggia that gives emphasis to the noble part. Villa Widmann is attributed to the architect Baldassar Longhena and was constructed on the buidings of the ancient monastery of Santo Spirito for the Widmann family, who had left Carinthia in 1670. Behind the villa one can admire a 18th century garden of French taste with hornbeam trimmed beds to create rooms and exedrae, with even 160 statues ordered by Ludwig Widmann to Antonio Bonazza in 1742. Inside the garden a little theatre was built and it became well-known and attended during the 18th century for the presence of Carlo Goldoni and other actors of the Commedia dell’ Arte.  The villa is near to a wine firm where it is possible to taste and buy. The “Dominio” is busy to produce above all quality in the respect and in the environmental guardianship.  The products, in fact, are cultivated with techniques to "Low Environmental Impact" or according to the norms of the "Agricoltura Biological" and certified by the A.I.A.B. "Association Italian Biological Agriculture". The breedings of meat calf follow the disciplinary ones of the "Produced with Love", mark of quality of the COOP and they are periodically checked by the same COOP.

VILLA WIDMANN BORLETTI Piazza Marconi, n° 63 - 35023 Bagnoli di Sopra (PD) Tel: +39 049 5380008   Fax: +39 049 5380021 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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