Reggia del Veneto Barocco

 The Villa stands on the ruins of an ancient castle built by the Dente family around the year 1000. Later it became a property of the Carraresi family, who were the rulers of Padua, and was then inherited by a member of the Contarini family. The Villa was a farmhouse up until the mid-17th century: Marco Contarini, Procurator of St Mark, expanded the building making it a palace and an extremely picturesque place. After a long period of neglect, the Camerini family bought the estate, and brought it back to its old splendour, decorating it following the eclectic 19th century style. Subsequently the Villa went through a new period of neglect until the mid-20th century, when it was purchased by Professor G.E. Ghirardi and was assigned to the Foundation bearing his name. Since 2005 the Villa has been a property of the region of Veneto, which is currently working at its development and enhancement. It is regularly used as the venue for concerts and cultural events, as well as being available as the ideal location for conferences, meetings, and public and private receptions.

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