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In the very heart of the Po Delta Park, at 5 kms from the sea along the left bank of the river Po, the farmhouse Tenuta Goro Veneto is a place of peace where you can relax yourself, find the contact with the nature and discover the rhythms and the tastes of the past. Ex bunker of Serenissima Repubblic dated 1730, Tenuta Goro Veneto was subsequently turned into the main house and, after the recent restructurings, turned to farmhouse with bed and breakfast service.

 The attached church is now a cellar where you can taste good little appetizers prepared with typical products as meats, cheeses with honey, fruits and vegetable fresh of season.all accompanied by the wine merlot produced by us.
All the ten rooms are furnished with epoch's furniture and equips with modern comfort. The double rooms (eight in total) also have tv, private bath, air-conditioning and some with a little living room.

 Our swimming-pool, ample and equipped with beach-umbrellas and bunks, where you can spend summer days in total relax.

 a collection of vintage objects of farmer civilization moved into the territory of our Po Delta.

The museums was born inside the Tenuta Goro Veneto and owns a collection of important tools, machines and objects of work by farmers and daily life linked to traditional farming.
Through these objects you can see and understand life in the countryside in a period starting from the second half of last century until the use of machinery in agriculture, that have given great changes. The exhibition is divided into two floors in an area of more than seven hundred square metres and a expose of over 2000 articles. The ground floor is divided into several compartments catalogued with arts and jobs of the past. At the first floor there is a collection of tools for fishing and hunting. You can find also a classroom of elementary school of our territory, it is still incomplete and treated into details. The sweet room of children, with typical vintage beds, cots, prams and toys of the past. An immersion in a time relatively near that in the museums Tenuta Goro Veneto, allows us with a little imagination to hear sounds, smells and voices of a genuine ancient world and that there is no more.



heritage of humanity

 The Po Delta Park is considered from the UNESCO natural heritage like exceptional cultural landscape that still preserves his originals characteristic.
Woods, Pinewoods and oasis alternate with testaments of arts with cultural importance. A single landscape where the uncontaminated nature mix to meticulous and secular remediation work of inhabitants of Po Delta. Lagoons, scanni, sacche and saltmarshes valley characterise the Po Delta landscape and they are perfects places for the nesting or the migration of hundreds of birdlife species.

 You can see without problem birds like aironi rossi e cinerini, garzette e cavalieri d’Italia, cormorani e nitticore, mestoloni, morette e bellissime volpoche.

 Tenuta Goro Veneto organizes trips for birdwatching with naturalistic guide on boat, by bike, by canoe, by horse and on foot.

 It’s possible book also nautical excursion with operators of pescaturismo for discover the water’s streets of the extreme Po Delta, the fishing techniques and all species of fish and locals shellfish.

 More information about PO

 Po (ancient Padus), river in northern Italy, the longest in the country. Rising in the northwest near the border with France, on Monte Viso in the Cottian Alps, it flows east for a distance of 652 km (about 405 mi), past the cities of Turin, Chivasso, Trino, Piacenza, Cremona, Casalmaggiore, Viadana, Ferrara, and Porto Tolle, into the Adriatic Sea. Its drainage basin covers a large portion of the region. Its tributaries are the Tanaro, Dora Baltea, Dora Riparia, Ticino, Adda, Oglio, Mincio, Trebbia, Taro, Panaro, and Secchia rivers. The surface of the river along its lower course is high, and the land is protected by canals, levees, and dikes. The river is navigable by small craft for 480 km (300 mi), but sluggish flow periodically makes navigation difficult; it is also used for irrigation. Deposits of silt, brought by many tributaries, are enlarging the Po Delta at the mouth of the river to the extent that the delta is advancing into the Adriatic Sea at the rate of about 60 m (about 200 ft) per year.


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