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The estate’s name “Castel Venezze” comes from an ancient castle that, in September 14’4, had been destroyed by Uguccione Dè Contrari, who was in the service of Niccolò D’Este, wrestling with the Venetians. The Farsetti family, nowadays under the name of Venezze, which presence in the region had been witnessed by notary acts since 1300, after having joined to its own peerage’s during the age of Carraresi’s, in Venezze’s castle. Today the estate belongs to the progeny of this patrician and hounorable Venetian family. The restoration of the whole building ended in springtime 2003 and was made taking a particular care to details, keeping intact the ancient place splendor and atmospheres. Floors are made with “cotto” tiles and ceilings preserve the original trusses in “larice” wood. The owner, Maria Giustiniani, took personally care of furnishings, choosing ancient-period pieces for each room. The estate, even preserving its ancient charm, does not lack in providing the highest modern standards of comfort and well-coming. The farmhouse is located on the borders of the small village called San Martino di Venezze, next to the Adige River, immersed in the green and quiet area of the 200 hectares fields of the surrounding country. You will meet the farmhouse after having covered a linden trees old boulevard, through which you will be introduced into a small paradise where you will have the choice to stay in one of the 13 air-conditioned rooms. Those clients, who might be interested on weekly stays, would be able to choose one of the 6 apartments, all carefully restored and provided with all modern comforts Guests are invited to have dinner in the small restaurant that has been obtained, after a long and careful restoration, from the old farm-stalls. We found our philosophy on the simplicity of our ingredients that are always fresh and high-graded. During summer-time evenings you will be able to take delight refreshing yourself into the delicious swimming pool, relaxing while walking inside the park or sitting on a comfortable long chair. For those people who are keen on sport activities, three golf courts /18 holes, are available at less than 40 min driving from the estate. Thanks to its position, the estate is an ideal location from where it is easy to organize short trips to the most important art cities of the Veneto region.


TENUCA CASTEL VENEZZE Via Fieniletto, n° 420 - 45030 San Martino di Vanezze Tel e Fax: +39 0425 99667 www.tenutacastelvenezze.it  - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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