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The Agriturismo "Le Spezie" is located on the hills of the famous Prosecco wine. The farm house, dated 1800, is surrounded by vineyards and a green forest that stretch for 20 hectars. The beautiful cities of Conegliano Veneto and Vittorio Veneto are only 5 Km from the Agriturismo. The A27 highway's exit is also only 3 Km from our farm house. In less than one hour you can be in Treviso, Asolo, Venice, Padua.

And so are seaside resorts like Jesolo and Caorle and the so-called Pearl of the Dolomites: Cortina d'Ampezzo. Furthermore, from the estate you can follow the numerous cycling itineraries of varying difficulty around the province of Treviso, which will lead you to discover the most picturesque and breathtaking view and to taste the most delicious local cuisine and wines!

The Agriturismo offers 3 apartments, one for 6 people, one for 3 people and one small one for 2 people.

The view from the farmhouse is truly relaxing, with hills and mountains surrounding the visitor to 360 degrees.

Walking through the vineyards, going on to the forest and reaching the nearby stream, visiting the stables, improvising a barbecue dinner at sunset fuelled by wood pruned from the vineyards are only part of the activities you can enjoy during your stay at Agriturismo "Le Spezie".

At your arrival Carlo e Valentina you'll invite to a glass of their Prosecco wine, and they will provide you all information on wine and food itineraries in this area. On request we can arrange your transfers to and from the nearest airport and to and from the Conegliano's rail station.

Ideal place for families to experience farm life and relax from every day's hectic life.

The Farmhouse

Placed on top of a slight hill at the center of the estate, the old house at  the Agriturismo Le Spezie, with its unmistakable pink color, dates back to the ‘700.

The farm house has been subject to several subsequent renovations and expansions, however, it has maintained  intact its rural flavor of the past. 

Until the seventies the farmhouse was home to one of the many patriarchal farming families that counted up to forty members. 

The entire attic floor of the big house, as was the custom at one time, was used as the breeding of silkworms.

Worthy of note are the ancient stone stables with adjoining barn, already present in the Napoleonic cadastre. The stables now house a small herd of dairy calves.

Around the large farmhouse stretch over 20 hectares of vineyards, fruit orchards and forests.

The vineyard is cultivated with  DOCG Prosecco grapes , Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Marzemino, Pinot grape and "strawberry" grape. Apple, pear, walnut, hazelnut and plum trees color with their flowers and fruits the lush green hills during the spring season. 

The great forest (bosco) planted in 1998, covers approximately 3 acres and it is home to over 2,800 different species of plants and shrubs: oak, cherry, ash, walnut, oak, hornbeam ... It will be a unique experience to walk through the woods and learn to recognize the many different plants accompanied also by our curious goats who live happily in our bosco!

The Agriturismo Le Spezie and its farm "La Bella" extend in an area of excellence for the production of Prosecco, a prestigious wine renowned worldwide. 

Prosecco DOCG (name of controlled and guaranteed origin), one of the finest examples of Prosecco wine, is produced exclusively in the area surrounding Treviso, particularly in the hills between Valdobbiadene and Vittorio Veneto. With the right soil composition, hills well exposed to sunlight, abundant and frequent rainfall, constant mild temperatures between April and October, and marked temperature changes during the ripening season, there simply is no better place to produce this wine.The towns of Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto, where our vineyards are located, fall into this privileged area that since 2008 is in the running to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The prosecco wine is is obtained from a number of local grape varieties. The main one is called Glera and it constitutes at least 85% of Prosecco. Glera gives the wine of Conegliano Valdobbiadene its basic structure, but small proportions of Verdiso, Marzemino and Bianchetta, local varieties that are considered as minor but which are very useful for giving the wine a satisfying, harmonious structure, may also be used, as well as Pinot and Chardonnay. Our vineyards' production includes all the aforementioned grapes.

Days of Harvest conclude with large tables of cheer and various municipalities including Conegliano organize real Festivities Grape tastings, events, performances during the month of September. 

Our guests (children and adults) love to join us and share at least half a day of harvest, always an experience full of emotions.

Family History of the Sardi’S

At the end of the the nineteenth century the two young brothers Carlo and  Emilio Sardi left their native Italy and emigrated to Argentina in search of their luck. They settled in the province of Mendoza where they bought land and  started planting vineyards.

The Sardi’s brothers brought their traditional grape varieties from Europe to plant in Argentina. San Rafael is located at the foot of the Andes mountains in a semi-arid, desert area at about 1000 meters above sea level, which resulted in important benefits for the vines.This location infact had an ideal climate and geography and abundance of sun. The warm temperatures in the day combined with cool temperatures in the night was ideal for the grapes as it created more sugars, tannins, and other complex substances. The brothers quickly become the most  important producers and exporters of their fine Argentinian-Italian wine to Brazil and Europe.

Mario, the son of Emilio Sardi, married Elena, daughter of Italians also emigrated to Argentina. The couple then moved back to Italy to raise their sons. Mario and Elena settled in the town of Conegliano, the kingdom of the Prosecco wine, and Mario attend the prestigious  school of Enology of Conegliano where the young winemaker developed his passion for viticulture and continued to grow and make delicious wine.

The story continues to the present days through Roberto, eldest son of Mario and Elena. Roberto and his wife Jones acquired the “casa rossa” and land that surrounds the Agriturismo “Le Spezie” and maintained and passed on the passion for grape growing to their five children. The main production was Prosecco, but also Pinot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet  and Marzemino. When it was harvest time (“ la vendemmia”) everyone had to help and there were no excuses! 

Now the tradition continues in The Agriturismo Le Spezie where Carlo Sardi (Roberto’s son) and his wife Valentina take care of the vineyars and welcome their guests with genuine warmth in the comfortable and newly renovated apartments of the “casa rossa”. 

Carlo and Valentina and are eager to share their passion for the simple life in the countryside with their guests.

At your arrival at our Agriturismo you will always be welcomed with a bubbly glass of our best Prosecco! Cheers..or as we say in Italian : ”CIN CIN”!

AGRITURISMO LE SPEZIE - Strada delle Spezie n. 47 - 31015 Conegliano (TV) Telefono +39 329 9342198 Tel. +39 347 5632790, Tel. +39 0438 1736315 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.www.agriturismolespezie.it


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