In the heart of the hills of Asolo lies Villa Fratta, a XXth century residence wisely restored to reveal this charming bed and breakfast. The three suites provide modern fixtures and amenities whilst still witholding that rustic and warm feel throughout with its decorations and antique furnishings.

Coveniently located within reach of some of Italy’s major tourist attractions such as Asolo (7km), Bassano Del Grappa (10km), Possagno (10km), Castelfranco Veneto (18km), Marostica (22km), easy access to must see destinations, Venice and Verona all locatable by car or public transport.

In the Suite il Gioco (the game), rag and porcelain dolls, wooden toys and puppets create a unique atmosphere reminding every guest of his/her childhood.

Every detail is designed to give a feeling of harmony and elegance, with the magnificent wrought iron balcony overlooking the green, inviting to a sublime relaxing break after a busy day.

Filò is an ancient Venetian word that indicates the peasants’ wake in the stables, in the long and cold winter evenings, when women used to work in knitting or embroidering, while men tended to the daily working gear. Filò was also the ideal place for chatting, for gossiping and for playing games. The time for transmitting grandparents’ wisdom by telling proverbs, riddles, rhymes and lullabies. The place for singing traditional songs associated with seasons and special events, such as courtship or weddings. At Filò lovers were dating, under the vigilant family’s eyes.

In the Filò Suite, you can rediscover the taste of a not too distant past with embroidering tools, spindles, reels, wool balls and an old sewing machine. The Suite’s special features include large bedroom windows caressed by the trees’ branches. A unique and unforgettable ambiance with the taste of a rare familial intimacy, where you can relax and enjoy your holiday welcomed by the warm and generous Venetian tradition.

In the quiet and romantic setting of the Suite il Viaggio (the journey), you'll find warm h ospitality with decorations inspired by the landlords’ trips around the world which remind of far away peoples and lands.

The cozy environment combines the charm of the mansard, in the warm tones of wood, with exposed brick walls. From the beautiful porthole window you can enjoy a magnificent view over the surrounding hills.

Facilities: Private parking, air-conditioning, heating, cot, outdoor entertaining area and minibar

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