B&B alle porte di Treviso

This ancient sundial shows the time in “Italic” hours, as used in the 15th century, when the first part of the Villa of the Sundials was built. This sundial shows how many hours there are to go until sunset.

The gnomic shadows cast by the two nails of the horizontal part of the crucifix on this wall fall onto two different numbered scales, the first showing “Italic” time and the second “Babylonian” time, which was in use at the time of Jesus.

The two sundials on the South West wall show the various types of time in use over the centuries by the sundials of this Villa.

This handsome country house in the little town of Castagnole, four kilometres from Treviso, is an ideal point from which to visit Venice, Asolo where Freya Stark and Robert Browning lived, Padua, and Palladian villas such as that at Maser, frescoed by Veronese, and Villa Emo at Fanzolo.

This beautiful little Villa Veneta with its large garden offers every modern comfort.

While the villa in Castagnole is not itself by Palladio, it, too, has traces of frescoes on the façade, a magnificent roof, and dates back to the fifteenth century, although it was extensively restored two centuries later.

Treviso itself is an elegant university city, a treasure trove for the fastidious shopper while it is famous for its cuisine and local wines. Your hosts are experts in this field, and can give excellent advice on where to dine.

The bedrooms are furnished in impeccable taste with family antiques.

Duplex room: this has its own independent entrance from the garden, and is a duplex with a small sitting room with its own fireplace, colour TV and a double room with bathroom above.

Top floor room The bedrooms are furnished in impeccable taste with family antiques. This room has a double bed and bathroom.

Breakfasts are served in the dining room, (in the garden in the summer), with its feature open fireplace, and frequently include home-made pastries.


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