Resting on the green hills of the Trevisan March, in a panoramic area only minutes away from Asolo and the Palladian villas, and not far from Venice, Col delle Rane, a skillfully restored 18th century farmhouse, is the ideal place for a happy holiday. Our comfortable interiors and warm welcome of the Gallina family are just the thing for a nice, relaxing stay. The guest farm is a must if you love the peace and quiet of the country. Adjacent to an antique country home which has been lovingly restored, we are pleased to offer three apartments surrounded by a wide garden. These pleasant apartments offer all modern facilities for your convenience. A lovely buffet breakfast with jams, fruit juices, cakes and lots of natural products from our farm. The sparkling version of Prosecco is known worldwide. It is produced with our grapes and it has a perfectly balanced fresh, lively flavour leaving a sensation of long lasting pleasure to the palate. This wine is ideal at any time.. Jams, fruit juices, honey maintain their natural flavors and bright colors without any preservatives added. Col delle Rane offers you a holiday with plenty of relaxation and leisure activities. A series of hills and vineyards are the setting for some superb trekking: you can walk or use our bicycles. Also available are ping pong facilities, a large leisure garden and our swimming pool. The water is treated with a natural system based on salt, without chlorine. Through the revitalisation of water, the original order and stability of the inner structure, which the water loses through the transport and environmental influences, is rebuilt. The process of water revitalisation is the transformation of natural information of the highest order, nothing is added to water nor is anything taken from it.

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