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The villa was built in the 18th century on the ancient ruins of a Benedictine Abbey. The style of the central body is Venetian Baroque, with a tympanum on the façade bearing the coat-of-arms of the Counts De Reali, present also inside the villa. On the ground floor there is a wide open gallery used as a museum of ar-chaeology with the collection of the remains discovered during the ex-cavation of Altino; moreover, one can find collections of Roman stones and of old maps. Four rooms on the first floor are adorned with precious Venetian stuccoes. The villa has also a suggestive park, a garden, the barchesse, the stables, some wells and a small lake. An independent part of the villa has been restored to be used for business meetings, private dinners and receptions (catering service included). Thanks to the wideness of its halls and park Villa De Reali is ideal not only for arranging meetings and conferences but also for helding wedding parties in the fascinating atmosphere and confidentiality of such a villa rich in history. Moreover, guests can find large parking areas in a quiet and healthy scenery.

De Villa Real also can offer accommodation in four rooms on the main floor.

Villa De Reali is only few minutes far from Venice, whose beauties cannot be missed, and is near to the motorway that makes it easy to reach Padua or any other town in Veneto. Its central position also makes it possible to organize some of the most interesting and attractive hi-storical-cultural and scenic day trips in the region like, for example, a tour of the Palladian Villas.

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