One of Italy’s most enchanting and refined historic residences where guests can enjoy the warmth of Venetian hospitality and the peaceful, charming atmosphere of the old medieval village .

The Castrum and its B&B are located in Vittorio Veneto in the northern part of the province of Treviso. Privately owned since the beginning of the century, it remained closed to the public for many years. Today it provides an elegant setting for concerts and cultural events that make the area inside its ancient walls pulse with activity. From the end of June to the end of July, it also hosts an important theatre festival that attracts visitors from all parts of Italy.
Like in days gone by when the Castrum was the cultural centre of the town below.

Today, the Main Tower houses an enchanting B&B, with two apartments and three bedrooms beautifully appointed with antique furniture pieces, offering all the comforts as well as delightful scenic and serene seclusion. All this, plus the typical hospitality of a private home.

A fourteenth-century fresco, housed on the ground floor of the Museo del Cenedese, previously Town Hall of Serravalle, reminds us of the glorious past of the Castrum and of Serravalle.


The Castello di Serravalle or Castrum (including its elegant bed & breakfast) is linked to the ancient history of the town of Serravalle. Today the medieval castle and borough are incorporated into the municipality of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso province) and are a unique urban gem, one of the treasures of the Veneto region.

In the past Serravalle was one of the most important communes of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. It was a vital defence point in the route connecting the Venetian hinterland with northern European regions and a bustling centre of commerce and industry (including, but not limited to, wool, swords, bell founding). The Castrum with its wide expanse encircled by walls has always been the nucleus around which the village developed throughout the centuries.

The town of Serravalle, located in the middle of two mountains, has very ancient origins that for some scholars would be traced back even to a Roman fort on the road connecting Opitergium (now Oderzo) with Noricum and Styria. Unfortunately the testimonies of the Roman origin are too few.

Legend has it that a nomad dignitary called Goto, built a castle on Mount Marcantone and a tower to the east (the Turris Nigra) where he had his daughter Augusta tortured to death after he discovered she had become a Christian. It is hard to imagine that castle and tower were built in that period since the nomadic warriors did not have special building skills and also because the cult of St. Augusta took root here only in the modern age so it is unlikely that the saint died in Serravalle in the fifth century.

In reality, the records date the fortifications at Serravalle after the arrival of the Longobards and the creation of the Duchy of Ceneda, and the actual building of the Castrum - or Castello di Serravalle - after the arrival of the Franks.

Between the X and XI century Venice, with the opening of trade routes with the East triggered a lively dynamism in economy and politics in the whole area. Both in Ceneda and in Serravalle business and commerce returns to grow: new villages are born with houses and warehouses for merchants.

The medieval town developed between the twelfth and the thirteenth century. During that period the village was involved in the fierce power struggles between the Communes and the noble families. The fate of the Castrum was tied to the Da Camino family, one of the most powerful families of the Treviso area.

The early part of the thirteenth century marked the beginning of a period of great prosperity and wealth for Serravalle. The Da Caminos were in fact great promoters of commerce and urban development. As of 1337 extensive alterations were made to the Castrum. The work was carried out by the Venetians, to whom the Bishop had ceded Serravalle in order to guarantee its defence.

Since then, and for almost five centuries, the Castle was the seat of the Podestà of the Republic of Venice. Under the Republic of Venice the village and its castle became one of the most important centres of art, commerce, and industry (sword making being one the many) in the Veneto region with alternating vicissitudes until the end of the eighteenth century.

The bed & breakfast

This enchanting b&b is located inside an old medieval fortress in Vittorio Veneto in the northern part of the province of Treviso. In this delightful historical setting guests can enjoy an unforgettable holiday in contact with nature, history and art. It offers very elegant bedrooms and suites and a large, beautifully kept garden surrounded by embattled walls.

Very much more than a bed & breakfast, it’s rather a charming luxury hotel, and a wonderful alternative to the usual holiday accommodation proposed by countryside hotels: it is a gem of a residence housed in a castle.

If the traditional travel offers in Italy no longer meet your needs, whether you want to discover the charm and the overwhelming beauty of an unexpected Veneto and of the province of Treviso in particular you cannot miss the chance to sleep in a castle,

The rooms (all with private bathroom) and the suite are meticulously maintained, furnished with family antiques and decorated with prints and paintings. The breakfast room is entirely decorated as well as other parts of the Castle.

At the moment there are three rooms and one apartment / suite available to guests. All rooms are equipped with every comfort and enjoy a beautiful view and a silent isolation.

Why sleep in a castle?

Because only an historic residence retains the charm and atmosphere of days gone by. The Castle offers lovely classic-style bedrooms and suites equipped with the latest comforts. A luxury accommodation of a kind not to be found in other traditional types of hotels or guesthouses in Italy.

Would you like to be the lord of the castle for one night or a few days and to know what it feels to sleep in a canopied bed or stroll in a park encircled by ancient walls? This is one of the castles in Italy where you can actually stay and experience the unique mood of medieval times.

This ancient castle offers an enchanting atmosphere and lies within a unique setting, with hills so near as to appear to merge with the ancient walls. And a few steps away the town below with its marvellous Renaissance palazzi, charming buildings and narrow medieval streets.

Less expensive than one might imagine staying in a castle is a privileged experience that you will never forget, because nothing could be more romantic than staying in a castle, historic residence, ancient villa or stately home.

The historic residences of Italy witness centuries of history and culture of our country. Many are located in delightful yet unknown rural areas where visitors can discover charming little towns, medieval villages, and ancient traditions.

Let your vacation to be something very special. Pamper yourself with the ultimate pleasure of staying in an historical, stately residence. Sleep in an incredibly romantic suite or bedroom. Partake of a charming atmosphere and experience the magical mood of a distant past.

Staying at the Castrum di Serravalle: a unique experience for the senses and the soul.

Rooms & suite

Those who love romantic weekends in ancient historic residences or those who are tired of the traditional vacation offers in hotels or guesthouses in Italy will definitely appreciate the solutions that this Veneto-based b&b offers to its guests.

In the Treviso area the b&b housed in the Castrum di Serravalle stands in a class of its own because it provides an enchanting atmosphere, refined accommodation and a truly first-class holiday offer. In the upscale selection of hotels, luxury agritourisms, castles, countryside residences, guesthouses and resorts of the Veneto region and elsewhere in Italy, the Castrum di Serravalle bed & breakfast is truly unique in terms of quality and holiday offer.

All rooms and suites are equipped with wi-fi, flat-screen TV and minibar.


In the Orange Room, bright and large, it is the canopied bed to draw attention along with the floral chandelier in bronze and crystal that lights up the room. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the park of the Castrum di Serravalle


Located next to the Orange Room with which it forms a suite, the Red Room is smaller and easier, but it is ideal to offer hospitality to a family. In this room are the small details (drawings, prints, ornate mirrors, lamps) to make it even more welcoming.


The Yellow Room immediately appears original for the special diagonal layout of the furniture and for the presence of a fireplace decidedly chic in its linear simplicity. Again paintings, prints, carpets and books harmoniously complement the decor. It has exclusive use of a large terrace / solarium furnished with sunbeds and table and chairs.


The Suite Sofia is a surprise for the eyes: forget the stylish accommodation with no personality typical of a 5 star hotel or the more basic, though comfortable, solutions of a simple house or b & b. This apartment of 130 square meters ... really leaves you speechless. Sun on a dark background covers with its golden rays the ceiling of the living room, while all the walls are decorated in patterns of black and orange. In the entrance the colorful marble imitation on a black background gives a touch of originality and imagination. And then sculptures and most of all books fill every corner of the apartment.
The bedrooms of the suite are the Orange Room and the Red Room.


Located on the ground floor of the main tower at the garden level is decorated in a contemporary style that mixes old and new styles of furniture. It has a large panoramic window north and a large window on the south garden of the Castle. It is equipped with a kitchenette. The bathroom has a large shower with chromotherapy.


A range of services completes the Castrum di Serravalle proposal. All these services must be booked and are carried out by specialized personnel.

Some of the services provided inside and outside the Castle include:

• Solarium area with “douche renversée”

• Jogging natural track in the Castrum garden and nearby hill

• Night-time walks in the park of the Castrum

• Guided tours to Vittorio Veneto and the neighbouring areas

• Wine-tasting tours to the wineries of the Prosecco di Valdobbiadene area

In addition we propose:

• Possibility of organizing private dinners for guests

• Possibility of organizing dinner parties for special occasions

We organize upon request cooking courses of typical local cuisine (for a minimum of 6 guests)
In addition special weekends dedicated to Italian haute cuisine with well-known chefs and cuisine experts are organized during the year.

In addition to the b&b, the Castrum offers to its guests (only in the summer months) the Enoteca del Castrum housed in the ancient wine cellar carved into the rock. The Enoteca is open for special occasions (for instance during the Festival di Serravale) and offers a fine selection of Prosecco wines from producers of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, accompanied by different types of cheese and salami locally produced.

The Veneto and above all the Marca di Treviso offer a selection of food and wine typical products of great variety and quality that have nothing to envy to the far more famous Tuscan wines. An additional opportunity offered by the Castrum di Serravalle to enjoy the flavors of a gastronomic tradition of great prestige.

The Enoteca is available upon request for events such as dinners, tastings and meetings.
For information ring +39 0438 57179


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