The holiday farm is situated at about ten kilometers north east of Treviso, near the river Piave, along the so called water reviving line " fascia delle risorgive".

Hospitality is offered in autonomous lodgings and rooms with independent bathroom.

The present building structures derive from the faitful restoration of historical rooms characteristic of the local tradition. Testimonial elements have been preserved such us round archs, eave worked cornices, the frescaed escutcheon, old river Piave' stones built walls, roofs in original arcient wood.

The view is marked with glimpses of the blooming water reviving country- side.
It is also characterized from the adjacent presence of venetian villas dating back to the eighteent century and of other valuable historical buildings such as the chapel dedicated to the "Madonna delle Grazie".

TERRA DI ZOSAGNA - Ospitalità Rurale Via Dal Vesco, 2 - 31030 Breda di Piave (TV) tel. +39 0422600428 tel. +39 0422600161 cell. +346 1244774 cell. +39 348 0392617 e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.terradizosagna.com


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Ville Venete & Castelli

 Address:  Via Postumia Romana 1 - 31038 Postioma di Paese (TV) - ITALY

  Phone: +39 0422 482714

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