The Perocco di Meduna farm is located in Breda di Piave only a short distance from Treviso. Situated on approximately 60 hectares the farm is dedicated to the cultivation of crops among which are various grains and grapes. The vineyards occupy approximately 7 hectares and are comprised of a variety of vines typical to this area: pinot grigio, cabernet, souvignon and proseco are some of the most commonly known. For more than three generations the Perocco di Meduna family has nurtured a passion for the land and it’s riches and it is this passion for the natural local resources that has allowed Agriturismo to reestablish a magnificent rustic environment that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. The recently restored Ca’ del Gelso. The complex includes a lobby, seven apartments, ample garden space, indoor parking, a pool and solarium (during the summer season). At the south end of the main building off the terrace is the entry way to the lobby where you will be greeted by the fully restored fireplace that best represents the warm and friendly welcome that you will receive upon arrival. After checking in you will be accompanied to your lodgings where you will enjoy the comforts, furnishings and natural settings that characterize Agriturismo. During the summer season Ca’ del Gelso offers the possibility of relaxing sunny days by the pool and the availability of a barbecue grill for the use of our guests. Enjoy a meal in this beautiful setting among old friends and new! Bicycles are available for guests who are interested in exploring the area. Our goal is to host guests that are interested in passing severl days in a relaxing and tranquil environment, where they can feel not like average tourists but friends at the home of friends. Lunch and supperWhatever you may desire we will be happy to advise you of the local establishments where you will be able to sample the wines, cuisine and tastes typical to the province of Treviso. Transport Bus schedules and tickets are available in the local tabacco shops.

AGRITOURISM CA’ DEL GELSO Via Levada, 1 - 31030 Breda di Piave (TV) Tel. +39 0422 600 723 Cell. +39 338 21.70.768 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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